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You’re Not Here By Accident

No AccidentYou did not stumble onto this website by accident my friend. You are here because deep down you want to quit using tobacco. Am I right?

Oh! you’re here because you had another one of those dip related fights with your wife. Which one of the hundred dip related fights did you have? Did you drop your spitter and stain the carpet? You dropped one in the car while driving and now your console is all sticky and smells like ass. Oh, the big one. You promised to quit for (enter reason to quit here) and that has come and gone and your still piling that shit into your face.

Is it possible that you stumbled onto this website late at night because you are scared shittless right now? You haven’t told anyone yet but your gums really hurt and you have one of those white patches on the inside of your lip. All you can think about right now is your wife and kids sleeping quietly as you feverishly look for help and answers. Imagine what it would be like having to tell them that you have to cut your face off because cancer is eating it away.

Let me tell you something. I was that guy. Promises to the wife came and fell to the curb side. Fights over me having what she called “shit in your mouth.” The car was disgusting, stains and flakes all over the place. Believe it or not I was neglecting my daughter. Think about it. Have you ever chose dip over your child? Think really hard. You may not like to admit it. When my wife worked nights I would put my daughter to bed no later than 7. Why? Because I needed a fucking dip. I thought I was doing the right thing by not dipping around her. Wrong!!! I still have not forgave myself for that selfish act.

Sound familiar? It should, everyone of the thousands of quitters on this site has the same story. Started when we were young and stupid, grew up and realized how stupid we really were. We have no shame in asking for help when we need it. We lean on each other when necessary. The only people that know what you are feeling and what you are going through are all right here, on this site.

I won’t tell you to quit, that doesn’t work. Family and friends told me to quit for years. You have to tell yourself you want to be quit. Do you know what freedom is? I can’t tell you but, I can show you if you join this site and quit using that crap you put in your mouth.

Honestly what do you have to lose? This site is free, it will cost you nothing to join. Come join us quitters. I promise you won’t regret it.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Turkey

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  1. Hello Everyone! I am sick and tired of having to go thru the routines of cleaning out my mouth, cleaning the teeth, having to spit when I am caught without a cup, hang to avoid some neighbors while outside working because I don’t want them to see me with dip in my mouth. I am sure my wife hates my guts for smelling too. I used to smoke cigarettes, I had a stent placed in my right coronary artery and cardiologists repeatedly told me not to use tobacco ever again. I haven’t listened, I am addicted. I am trying to get over this little by little and now that I have a cold and sore throat I will really use this time to quit chewing tobacco. Any hints or tips that can help, please pass on to me. Thank you and good luck to everyone out there. Our lives and our family and friends are far too precious to lose.

  2. I have tried quitting a few times. Did for about 3 monthes. Found myself dipping again. Receding gums and often finding myself checking the bank account to make sure a tin won’t hurt too much. Going on day 2 dip free now. Personally don’t find seeds or gum to help. Just makes me want a fat lip even more.

      1. Hi charlie again here it is august 28 2017 and i still have my close to 2 can a day copenhagen snuff habit. I was unsucessful in my quit. I have a few things on my mind, while in 7-11 the other day i tried to count how many diffrent brands and flavors there are out there. I counted somewhere around 40+. When i started in the mid to late 80’s there were very few if i remember right copenhagen snuff and few diffrent kinds of skoal and a few other brands.It is very obvious over the years that the tobacco companies targeted kids with all of these diffrent fruity flavors and cuts.. I have noticed the only people who dip copenhagen snuff are guys around my age or older im in my early 40’s. I coach high school and college age baseball and have yet to see 1 kid who uses cop snuff. I can not dip any other dip but cop snuff not cop lc or any other kind. If i go to buy it and they dont have it i will drive to 3 or 4 stores to find it. I always have my own was never a guy to bum one from someone. When i first started there was an unwritten rule in my high school baseball team if you dipped you had to dip cop snuff again at that time the only other options were a few skoals and maybe kodiak. My brother was also a dipper but stopped about 10-12 yrs ago. My problem is i still enjoy it. I am a guy who dresses very nice and the fact that i dip is so socially unacceptable in my daily life. Im also about 30lbs overweight and im in the process of losing the weight so of course i ise that as am excuse. I know sooner or later i need to stop im just not ready to do it yet and god forbid i get some kind of cancer i will not let doctors rip apart my face i would rather die im to vein. I know not very smart but im not married and no kids. Hoping to change my thoughts soon. Its getting close to a 30yr habit minus 4yrs i spent in prison. Never bothered me then the night i got out i went right away and bought a can. Not to mention the cost of it and problems it has caused in past realtionships. I never lied about it and would tell every girlfriend ill stop when im ready. Not sure where im going with all of this but obviously its on my mind because i know enough is enough. Hopefully someone can help me with a plan. Thank you. Good luck and congrats to those trying and who have quit your all an inspiration!!

    1. I have found cinnamon sticks to help dull the edge a little, at least get me over the two week point. I’m on day 18 now and the desire is still there but it’s not nearly as overwhelming as I thought it would be. DON’T GIVE UP

  3. Charlie again i made a mistake in my comment when i am refering to my time in jailbi wrote i had to dip any kind of tobacco imeant NO. Not to. Sorry

  4. Hello everyone my name is charlie. I am a 2 can a day copenhagen snuff user. I have been drawn to this site for the past few most either consciuosly or unconsciuosly. Please excuse my spelling. I have a long and complex story. I was and ex baseball player who is still involed coaching at the high school and college level in the summers. Just to warn you i will probably go in diffrent dirctions do to my terrible story telling abilities. I picked up the habit at 14yrs old as a freshman in high school and never looked back since. When i was a senior in high school 1993 they came out with a rule that you were no longer allowed to chew tobacco in the high school,college,or minor leagues. I was absolutely defiant at every level. I neve made it to pro ball career ended after college. I had a few coaches that told me charlie dont get thrown out of the game for dipping, i was still defiant. To make matters worse i was a catcher so wasnt hard for the home plate umpire to notice the tobacco spit it the dirt around the plate. Now i did have enough respect for the rules and umpires to not make it obvious right in front of my mouth and or ever keep the tell tale can in my pocket. Now the ironic part was in all the years i had one umpire warn me to throw out the dip or be ejected. Now i will tell you the hipocracy on many points, i had multple umpires over the years ask me for a dip!! Only one warn me for for my own hipocracy as a coach and again i coach kids 90% over 18, they see me dipping and i have the balls to tell them listen i know you guy s see me dipping and im not going to tell you that you cant do it but if your not hooked please stop , i tell them look at me im 41 yrs old and still doing it, i repeat its not cool and very dangerous..For those of you who say why not have a team rule no tobacco, i realize the kids will be just as defiant as i was and just hide baseball other then high school it is a rarely enforced rule.. now to get away from baseball, i am one of those guys that cant imagine doing many things without it. I am a 1st thing in the morning dipper, after i eat, driving , and fishing. Just have never done any of these things in my adult life without them. I have never been married and no kids but have battled with every girlfriend about it. Unlike most men i dont lie about it , i just tell them ill stop when im ready.. prob not married due to attitude like here is where things get odd but at the same time gives me hope i can stop
    I went to federal prison for 4 yrs for those of you curious it was for large scale bookmaking aka taking sports bets.. the reason i bring this up this was in 2006 when i went to jail and by the way i was held with no bail and the federal system had stopped all tobacco by this time so from june 30 2006 until june 19 2010 i had to dip or any kind of tobacco , that was the 1st time in 18yrs that i went even one day without it. This is what is going to blow most people away. It never really bothered me, dont think for one second if i could have had it i most certainly would have. To answer the question no there were no cigaretts avail.. NO TOBACCO. I never went thru withdrawls, didnt lose sleep, no fog like i have read some people suffer from.. on june 19 2010 on my way home from being released i told my friend stop so i can get a can of dip. I know completly idiotic. I am just one of those guys that does what i want. So i will stop on my terms not cause they forced me , i know not very smart. Now i will give you my contrversail view. I believe far more in temptaion then i do addiction. When i can i have it i go and get it, when i couldnt have it, it didnt bother me.. i have set a quit date for jan 2 2017.. i know its not gonna be easy because its on every corner but i feel if i put my mind to the same mindset i had in prison and tell myself. Hey you went 4yrs without it , then i will do it.. i find your site very encouraging. Thank you so much. Those of you who have quit. Congtarts and those trying good luck!! Sorry again about spelling. And thank you so much for oppurtunity do put my thoughts on paper. Charlie

    1. Hey Charlie
      I had the same experience when I went to jail for two weeks, then through rehab (for alcohol). No chewing tobacco for another two weeks and I didn’t miss it. No withdrawals that I noticed. Maybe I just got lucky. Then when I got out of rehab I went and bought a can of Copenhagen. So stupid. But I gave up alcohol and didn’t want to quit chewing because I like it. That was almost five years ago. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since, but I dip a lot. Today I just went and bought some Smokey Mountain herbal snuff. I mean to quit altogether by the 1st. I’m beginning to have a lot of weird health issues. The most concerning being a constant pain in my penis. I’ve had the urologist test me for everything, and nothing is wrong. But the pain is real and isn’t getting better. However, I noticed that if I go for an extended period (5-6 hours) without dipping, the pain almost goes away. Then when I dip, it roars back with a vengeance. I’m no doctor and I have no idea what’s wrong. But I figure whatever is wrong with me, the chew isn’t helping, so I’m done. I wish you success Charlie. Addiction in all its forms is enslaving and pitiful. Best to be done with any substance that controls you, instead of you controlling it.

  5. Just quit 16 hours ago. Sick of being a slave to it. Been dipping for past 19 of the past 20 years and smoked for 3 years before that. About to hop on a log haul flight across the world with no can. Wish me luck.

  6. Just stopped20 minutes ago. Trying to get an appt. with doctor to get something to ease the transition. I’d been feeling numbness in my right jaw. Hopefully it’s nothing, but got scared reading about jaw cancer. Really dreading the cravings I’ll be getting. I’ve been able to stop a few days when I was really sick and mostly sleeping. Not sure how this will go.

    1. If you get a white spot on your gum and it turns hard and grows get checked by a doctor fast my husband had half of his lower jaw cut off ,bone removed from his leg to rebuild his jaw,tracheal and feeding tube,radiation, fourth surgery coming June fourteenth it’s been hell he is lucky to be alive.

    1. Few hours in myself Chop-that’s what we’re all here for…support. I’m scared as shit too, but need to do this for me and the rest of my future life.

      1. CHEWIE – I thought I could never do it, and I have been “bullshit – tin” free for over a year. So tough – but so rewarding. You can do it, my friend. You can do it !!!

        1. What are some ways to help I drive a lot for work. So believe it or not it keeps awake. Need help. Do I do it cold turkey. Candy?

          1. They came out with Grinds which is coffee in a pouch several friends used to quit and stay awake. No tobacco, but I’m sure coffee isn’t 100%healthy

    1. Mikie – It’s hard to quit. Period. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is lying or trying to sell you something. Your line of work has nothing to do with it (What DO you do… curious).

      If you’re looking to quit, step 1 is to join our forums at We’ve got over 19,000 members that “get it” cause we’ve all been there. It’s the best place on the web to get questions answered and the support you’ll need to remain quit.

  7. Hey I wanted to find a way to quit dipping because of my gums receding. Every time I think to myself that I’m gonna quit I’m buying another can or bumming one off of somebody. I don’t know what to do.. I’m not that mentally strong to quit the addiction and the only reason I started it to quit smoking and it did but I got addicted to something worse ..

  8. I’ve stared at this site on and off for almost a year. I’ve wanted to quit and woke up in the morning feeling better like I could still use it. Feeling powerless but not hopeless. Need help..

    1. Glad to have you Anthony! You’re certainly not hopeless… and if you’re looking for help in your quest to quit dipping you’ve found the best resource on the web! Head over to our forums where we’ve got over 17,000 members who “get it” cause we’ve all been there before. – You CAN do this!

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