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The 240 Day Funk

I-240240 days today. Haven’t been on in awhile, come back and see a few are struggling, as am I. Perfect time to share my experience this past weekend. First, let’s just say my life has been crazy lately. So much going on with family, work, you name it. This is where I loved being able to dip to relax me, to be my friend. Hell, my dog is gone, I don’t even have that around for me!

Anyways…. I was in Vegas this weekend for a friend’s bday. A friend of a friend met us there. Nice guy, and an avid dipper. Told him about my quit, this site, etc. He stopped drinking 3 years ago, and only dips. Let me tell you, when he pulled out a big fatty after our steak dinners on Friday night, I wanted it so bad.

BUT….. watching him dip all weekend actually disgusted me. Dude had half a face full at almost all times. Even in the pool at Mandalay Bay, he was dipping and going to the side of the pool to spit in his wife’s empty margarita glass. It was fucking sick. He dipped while we gambled, while we did anything. While part of me was jealous in some weird way, wanting it….. a bigger part of me is glad I’m done with it, and not a SLAVE to it the way this guy was. He needed it. I don’t.

It’s not worth it guys. It’s horrible shit, stay off.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member TrojanScott

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Chris Murin
Chris Murin
6 years ago

Thanks for your post. Really needed to hear that. 3 weeks 2 days no Kodiak, after 26 years. Staying strong.

8 years ago

Was there anything you did while it was around to really curb the urge because that is truly what i worry about most is the crazy want to have one around all of my avid dipper friends.

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