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bradonh avatarToday I am 142 days quit and a one-time retread on KTC.  I started dipping in high school and did not realize until years later how fast I became addicted.  Tobacco companies develop their product with this in mind.   As I look back on this journey 4 moments stick out to me:

  • Had surgery due to receding gums in high school…didn’t slow my dipping down.  WTF?
  • Was in the Navy on submarines and could not keep my cat shit fresh.   I was so turned off by how nasty old cat shit was after a few months out to sea.  It was a perfect opportunity to quit but I didn’t.  WTF?
  • During my first time on KTC, I was quit for multiple years.  During my quit, my daughter was diagnosed with cancer.  Obviously, all my focus was on her, but I was so proud that I could look at her every day and know that I haven’t put cancer in my mouth.  Then I caved.  WTF?
  • I want to talk about my cave because I think it can help other.  My 2 main problems were I didn’t connect on the site (just posted roll) and after 400 days of posting I thought I was cured and quit posting.  WTF?

I have such thanks for KTC and my fellow quitters.  100 days, 142 days, 1,000 days are great accomplishments but don’t mean shit in the end…Stay quit every day. Don’t worry about 2 months or 2 years from now.  Just say quit today!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member bradonh

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