2009 HOF Speeches

Freedom! Hey Lurkers This Is For You

Foremanscotty avatarI ended 31 years of bondage on 12/12/2008. My story begins in 1977 when in high school I started dipping Skoal with my fishing buddy. A short time later my younger brother got me to try Copenhagen. No problem I thought. I took a dip and 5 minutes later I threw up, but I did like the buzz.

Copenhagen was a great companion and friend. It saw me through 4 years of college and many other boring and mundane tasks. Upon entering the professional world, I came to realize that not everyone thought dipping was so noble. Some of my co-workers actually looked down on it. (Now I know why) No problem, I became an underground (ninja) dipper. Just dip before work, at lunch and then from 5 p.m. until bedtime. A year out of college I married my beautiful wife. She had no problem with my dipping; however, she wondered why I always wanted to leave social events early? Hmm.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on my struggle with nicotine addiction and how it controlled my life. Eventually I realized what was in charge of my life and I did not like it. I wanted to quit, tried a few times but failed until I came across this site.

This HOF speech is directed to you guys lurking around this website wanting to quit.

Hey Lurkers:
1) You know dipping is unhealthy
2) You know nicotine schedules every hour of your day
3) How long will you be a slave?
4) This site can save your life.

Don’t let your legacy be: He was a great dipper.
Quit and you will:
1) Be a better person
2) Be healthier
3) Be proud of yourself, not arrogant, but proud in a way that you know if you can quit dipping, you can do most anything.

Is quitting hard? Yes, but there are few things more rewarding.
You can do it, cold turkey and you can be one bad quitter. It is a great feeling to be able to walk into a convenience store and walk right by a Copenhagen display without wanting to buy any.

Apologies to:
My wife and boys for the time my addiction took away from them.
Myself, for not being all that I could be.

Thanks to:
KTC and it founders
Ready, he contacted me first. There is nothing like a good first impression.
Iuchewie – For all his work on this site and the encouragement he gave me.
Greg GMS – He took up for me when I crashed the March 2009 group asking for tips when I should have been in chat.
BBJ – Every day (early) he was an inspiration
My March 2009 Shamrock Ass Kicking Quitter brothers – The thought of the chewing I would get from you guys kept me clean. It is an honor to quit with you. Brothers, the price of freedom is vigilance. We will remain vigilant.
Professor Pinch – Thanks Professor (same quit date as me) for always checking on me.

Special thanks to:
My boys for believing in me and encouraging me everyday. (They are in junior high and they never knew I dipped until I told them on day 1. I was the king of the ninja dippers.)

My wife for putting up with my crazy nicotine withdrawals. Why she loves me, I don’t know, but I am glad she does. She is the greatest.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Foremanscotty

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