2020 HOF Speeches

100 Just Getting Warmed Up

Just Getting Warmed UpNErancher here. I hit 123 today. Time to write this speech. I thought something profound would come to me by now.

First dip was on school bus on the way to a 7th grade basketball game. I threw up a little (in my mouth) choked it down.  I played basketball head spinning and buzzing. My second dip was on the way home from the game. I guess the rest is history. I have four children that most likely all will remember that I chewed and know that their dad battles an addiction. Hopefully they will think twice about using nicotine. I have lied to myself about how easy it would be to quit for half my life. Let me tell you it isn’t easy. I had some pauses. I was addicted to the gum for awhile. I bummed from friends during a few pauses. KTC is the way for me to be free.  I know that my brothers here are quitting with we every damn day. So get in here sign up drink the KTC Kool-Aid. Just know when you post that 100 day it isn’t over.  Thank you to all my supporters. A couple of you were there when I needed you most and you might not even know who you are. This is why we exchange phone numbers, a simple text can mean a lot on those bad days.

WUPP- EDD- ODAAT (wake up piss post- every damn day- one day at a time)  those three things and KTC brothers/sisters and anyone can do this.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member NErancher

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