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How To Win at Qutting

KillTheCan LogoThat title is kinda ironic huh? How to WIN at QUITTING. Bahahahaha, I crack myself up.

Anyway, time to get to the point. This victory was easy for me. Almost too easy; and I will tell you all my rules for quitting:

List O’ Rules

  1. Get in The Proper Mindset – When You decide to quit, Tell yourself there is no way in hell that you will cave. Trust me with proper mindset, anything is possible.
  2. Don’t Be a Pussy- You started it, now finish it. (The awesome part about this is that there is no “finish” to a quit it goes on forever).
  3. Don’t Be a Fag – See number 2.
  4. Keep Your Mind and Body Busy – Workout, read a book, build something, restore a car, I don’t care, but you need something to keep yourself occupied, sitting around at home with nothing to do makes quitting hard.
  5. Drink Beer – It makes you strong.
  6. Have a Few Friends Who are quitting with you – Neveragain10, Samcat!!!, you guys are awesome, thanks for staying quit with me. Oh and READY, thank you for getting me started on the forums.

Not Much of a Speech(Somehow I feel This is a bit unorthodox…..), but I hope my comprehensive set of rules for winning at quitting will help someone, and if it does help someone, i feel i have done my job.

FU Nic Bitch

That is all…….Stay Classy Fellow quitters.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bryanefb

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