2010 HOF Speeches

After 31 Yrs – The Quit

Hall of Fame KTC 3100 days wow who would have thunk after 31 years of having dip in my lower center, Lower left and lower right lip, my upper right, sleeping with, eating with, smoking , drinking, kissing.

I salute you SamCat, Volp, Diehard, Teamgreen, Skoal Monster, Slave to the Bear, Tcopeka4jet and Mike for kicking my ass and getting me on track. You all rock and should be proud.

I am on no sleep for over 24 hrs but this is Important to me. \\

You are the person to say no.
you are that one that makes the choice
you are the person to live with the consequences.
you provide your future and past because you believe in the quit.
3 minutes is all that crave lasts, you can beat that 3 minutes.

I believe in you.

AKA chewnomore

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member chewnomore

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