Words of Wisdom

Hostility Towards Our Addiction and Tobacco

Screaming Yelling Support

Yeah, we’re hostile alright. When you realize the lines of bullshit you have put so much faith in are all lies you’re going to be hostile too.

That little copper headed fuck bucket you think you enjoy so much ain’t nothin but a tub full of cancer.

You’ll learn how it doesn’t actually relax you. That’s just the relief from withdrawal your feeling. That will kinda get you pissed

Then you’ll learn how much time you spent the last 24 years avoiding relationships, friends, family, social engagements, etc so you could dip.
That’ll kinda ruffle your feathers as well.

Then you’ll start realizing the damage that shit does to your heart, sex life, brain, and gut. The fact that nicotine is more lethal ounce for ounce than cobra venom may surprise you. Might get ya down right hostile.

Maybe you’ll start to wonder how they can sell a product that when used properly will kill you. Cancer isn’t the only way, but it gets you eventually.

Then my addicted pal, you’ll realize how much money you’ve wasted on a ridiculous weed. My number has 4 digits in it. How bout yours? pissed yet?

finally you’re going to realize you’re an addict. The only difference between you and a crack head is your choice of drugs. When you fully understand that little gem, I guarantee your going to be a bit hostile.

The hostility you feel is only directed at you because you’re the mirror image of all of us on day 3.

90% of the guys here posted something just like you at one point. about missing it, or it being a friend , or a crutch, or some other nonsense, they stuck around and now they know the truth, and it pisses them of to realize how deceived we once were.

US Tobacco can kiss my hairy ass if they think they are ever gettin another penny from me. I wouldn’t spit on those death dealers if they were on fire. Hostile? nah I’m fucking murderous.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member 30yraddict

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