Quitting Around The Holidays

Charlie Brown ChristmasWhether you’ve just made your decision to quit dip, are a long time quitter or have made a New Year’s resolution to quit dip, quitting around the holidays can be difficult.  That being said, there is STILL no time like the present to be quit so don’t make the mistake of saying “I’ll quit after the holidays”.  There will NEVER be a “good” day to quit so don’t wait for one.

Quitting is stressful.  The holidays with family, friends and work obligations can be stressful.  Many times folks get overwhelmed during the holidays when it comes to their quit.  I’m here to tell you that it can be done.  Recognize that you are in control of your quit.  YOU control whether you have a dip.  YOU control whether you’re sneaking away from your family to dip or if you’re going to stick around.  In fact in my experience a dip-free holiday season is MUCH better than one where you’re trying to fit in your dip along with everything else going on.

Depression is unfortunately part of some people’s quits.  This can be compounded by feelings of depression around the holidays.  Depression can be a serious medical issues for some people and I’m not a doctor so I can’t speak to medical depression.  What I can speak to is “quit depression”.  This, like all other quitting symptoms, will go away with time.  I often tell people to “go back to basics”.  Drink water, take it day by day or minute by minute, visit the forums, go to live chat, etc.

I can’t tell you how many years I told myself, “I’ll throw this dip out at midnight and them I’m done”.  Actually, now that I think about it I can tell you.  17 years.  17 times I told myself, “This is the last one.”  And 17 times I had a dip either later that night or on January 1st.  If you’ve made a New Year’s Resolution to quit dipping that fine… but make sure you stick with it.  The VAST majority of resolutions (not just about dip) get broken.  Your decision to quit dip is huge… don’t take it lightly.

Whatever and however you celebrate, have a great dip free holiday season folks!

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  1. I started dipping when I was 13 or 15 and now I’m 17 and still dipping I currently haven’t been dipping For 8 days straight

  2. Did anybody experience any jaw pain after they quite dipping

    • Absolutely. It was terrible. Not only did it hurt, but it was tingly and felt like it was “crawling” off my head. The good news is it passed… hang in there Roger!

  3. Shawn / JB – thanks for responding!

    Shawn – congrats on nearly 10 days free. Make sure that if you’re using the gum you’re using it as prescribed rather than using it just to kill a crave. Until you remove ALL nic (including gum) you’ll not truly be free. Hang in there dude!

    JB – sounds like you’re ready to make your decision. When you’re ready head over to http://forum.killthecan.org/ and get involved. First step is to remove words like “hope” and “if possible” from your vocabulary. You CAN do this!

  4. I’ve been dipping for 17 years. Specifically, I’ve dipped only Kodiak for 17 years. I quit 14 days ago. It has been really, really tough, however, I want to quit. It started with high school baseball, then college, then hunting, then coaching, etc. Thus, it has been a part of just about everything I’ve done for the past 17 years. I’ve dipped 1 can a day for the last 8 years.

    I’m 33, and I really hope that I never dip again, if possible.

  5. Chewie-

    I can relate to your comments and agree wholeheartedly. I’m a former college baseball player and have dipped every day since 1990. 19 years. I decided to give my wife and son the best Christmas gift I could come up with…..quitting. I stopped December 20th. It’s been 7 full days and still extremely difficult but I”m getting through with help of a lot of nicotine gum and mental gymnastics.

    Thanks for the support and if you have any more helpful tips on staying focused, I’m all ears!

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