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rc-grizzly avatarMERRRY QUITMAS TO ALL

I have quit dipping snuff for 100 days. The day I quit I had no intention on quitting. It was a normal day: I woke up and hurried up to get a dip before my dentist appointment. I went to appointment and was told I needed to quit and I was beginning to show early signs of CANCER. Well my heart sunk. What is this, it can’t be, it can’t happen to me!! I had them do a new cancer screening and waited anxiously for any word. Finally I was told it all looked good, but you NEED to QUIT! I get outside and what do I do? Like a dumbass I put a dip in. I got home and started browsing the internet and stumbled onto KTC. Thank God, He knew what he was doing!

I have posted daily and have asked for help a time or two. I want to thank all for your comments directly to me and pm’s. I appreciate the December leaders, Gump, coolcop, & Hal. Yall kept us going in the right direction. I have not reached out and been as active as others but I have truly utilized this site and it has helped me change my life.

Thanks to all who make up KTC: from the brand new quitter posting for the first time to the oldest veteran. This site would not be what it is without all of you. Sorry guys, I can not recall all who have personally touched my quit. It has been tough! I have gone from the funk to the sleepiness. I am going to keep fighting this fight and posting to this site.

I want to thank God for giving me the courage to start this journey and for the strength to carry on with it. Also, to my wife and kids who have stood-by me as I have struggled with this life change. My co-workers who have taken a brunt of my frustration and rages. And thanks again to all who make KTC the site it is.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member rc-grizzly

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Grizzly Mint Adams
Grizzly Mint Adams
8 years ago

Today is day two for me. STRUGGLING!!! LOL

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