Christmas Eve Quit at Hard Eight

Croakenhagen, BrianG, Koba, Broccoli-saurus, Athan and cbird forum members Croakenhagen, BrianG, Koba, Broccoli-saurus, Athan, cbird on Christmas Eve Day at Hard Eight BBQ in The Colony. This right here is what 4,587 days of quit looks like – Merry Quitmas! Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added? You can contact us or post it … Continue reading

DjPorkchop Toasts HOF With A JGlav IPA

DjPorkchop HOF Toast forum member DjPorkchop posted this to the KTC Facebook page with this note: “Enjoying a home brew HOF IPA by JGlav while admiring my new coin from Franpro. Merry Christmas and happy HOF day!!” Now THAT’s Brotherhood!!! Congrats to all the December Disciples! Do you have a picture you’d like added? … Continue reading

Holiday Shopping Just Got Cheaper!

KTC Stocking

*Begin used-car salesman voice* SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! If you’ve had your eye on some of the items in the Store and you were waiting for them to go on sale, now’s the time to make those purchases!  All of our holiday gift items have been marked down from now … Continue reading

Celebrate Your Quit This Holiday Season

Holiday Gift Items

The holiday season is upon us! The quitters in your life (whether that’s you or a loved one) have worked incredibly hard to quit dipping.  Why not give them a gift this holiday season with some KTC flare!  Hell… you deserve it.  Is this your first holiday season with a dip … Continue reading