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Sleep Issues When Quitting Dip

Sleep DeskThe other day on our Facebook page (you’re already following KTC on Facebook… right?) we had a great discussion about sleep (or lack thereof) during the initial stages of your quit.  It was so good that I wanted to pass it along to those of you that aren’t friends with us on Facebook.


  • When you first quit, how long did it take for your sleep patterns to return to “normal”?


  • 4-5 days
  • Couple weeks
  • No change for me in that department, cuz I don’t sleep a lot anyway.
  • Bout 10 days
  • My sleep pattern still isn’t normal, and I’m 70 days in
  • ‎2 weeks
  • about a week
  • Personally, didn’t notice this issue.
  • Bout a week. Then it was the best sleep of my life.
  • ‎2 weeks or so
  • About a month if I remember right.
  • I didn’t have sleep issues. But, weight gain…+45 lbs.
  • didn’t notice any sleep problems, I actually am dieting (counting calories and working out) and have lost 30+ lbs. Kind of scared I’m gonna put the weight back on. Dieting since end of May and only finished day 15. Weight is definitely fluctuating. Some days I loose a pound or two others I gain.
  • Probably after the 1st month, is when I started sleeping again. 400 days quit, still occasionally have “dip dreams”.
  • Dont know yet? :((
  • Day 3 now
  • For me I had to go to bed earlier to try to sleep, just to miss the bedtime dip craving. It was like that for about a month. Valerian Root helped with getting to sleep.
  • I don’t have trouble getting to sleep… I have trouble staying asleep. I am quit 6 days and have been waking up from about midnight until 3 or 4 since day 3.

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