Quitting Dip? You’re Not Alone

On Your Journey

When you’re quitting dip it’s easy to think that you’re on your own. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. On your journey toward freedom from tobacco, you are not alone. KillTheCan.org has thousands of members, just like you, who are working daily to rid themselves of their addiction. … Continue reading

There Are No Excuses

There Are No Excuses

The Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will play game one of the World Series this evening in Cleveland. Let me say that again… The Chicago Cubs… and the Cleveland Indians are in the World Series. If THIS can happen anything is possible. You CAN quit dipping. Stop making excuses. … Continue reading

‘A New World’ Without Tobacco

A New World Without Tobacco

The 2016 Summer Olympics officially get underway this evening being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The official tagline of these Games of the XXXI Olympiad is “A New World”. If you’re a quitter you know just how appropriate these words are. When you’re ready, a new world without tobacco is within … Continue reading

Ode to Q-L-F (This Ode Contains Words Some May Find Offensive)


Everyday in every group, Three letters appear that tell a truth. You’ve seen them before, you know what they are! The letters Q-L-F, a great story by far. I got to digging, and started asking around. Sure glad I did, and here’s what I found. This story you’ll love, and … Continue reading