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Andy’s Letter To Tobacco

Letter To TobaccoKillTheCan.org offers several resources for those looking to quit dipping. Whether it’s here on the main site, the quit forums, live chat, social media or the blog there’s plenty of quit knowledge to go around. This particular piece was left as a comment on the blog and I wanted to share it because it’s quit simply outstanding.

Day 30.

I don’t often give advice, but to those of you who are struggling, suffering, and living with the terrible disease of addiction … I offer this. Be angry. Be outraged. Use that anger and rage to unleash hell on your addiction.

Ask yourself this question. If a man walked into your home, pointed a gun at you, and gave you two options: quit or die, what would you do? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. The man behind the gun is Tobacco and, make no mistake, he wants nothing more than to kill you.

Please join me in destroying this threat to our lives. Let’s take back our Freedom!

P.S. I wrote this letter the day I quit. I keep a copy in my wallet.

Dear Tobacco,

You gave me nothing but pain.

You tortured me every day with shame, guilt, embarrassment, and disappointment.

You made me live in fear every day … fear of being exposed, fear of cancer, fear of becoming disfigured, fear of letting my family down, fear of dying too damn young.

You threatened to take everything from me … my health, my family, my life.

You kept me from being the person I want to be.

So I destroyed you …

No program, no weening, no gum, no excuses, no bargaining, no bullshit.

I simply destroyed you …

My rage left nothing but scorched earth between your memory and my future.

There is no path that leads back to you.

You are no longer a part of my life.

You can’t hurt me anymore. You can’t hurt my family. You can’t take my life.

You’re dead … and I’m free.

The author of that comment, Andy, was on day 30 when he wrote it. He gets it. He’s already figured out what took many of us years to discover. Tobacco is the enemy. She’s not a friend. She’s not a confidant. She is looking to enslave and punish. But you can fight back. You can be free. Make your decision and regain that control that you gave up so long ago.

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