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Wow! 100 Days!

KTC Logo Green YellowI have read so many awesome hall of fame speeches. It is a little intimidating to try and author one!

It seems like a very short time ago that I made the total commitment to quit. I was a ninja dipper deluxe! I snuck around to have my Kodiak. Very few of my friends even knew of my nasty habit. I always said that I would quit when I turned 50. That date came and went on November 1, 2009. Then I set a goal of January 1, 2010. Again, came and went. I just thought I might dip until I died.

Just looking around on the net one day and found the KTC site. I read it for a couple of days and thought….”if these folks can do it, so can I”! Made the plunge and gave my word! Right away I got a PM from BMAN50317 and Pista! Great advice and encouragement from both. Then MikeA, NeverAgain10, Pinelander, and Skoot from April.(I might never have figured out the clickable smiles if it hadn’t been for Skoot!) All of this encouragement was awesome and the foundation for my quit! The help on this site is unbelievable! Rkymtnman, SamCat, Klark, Show, Thor`s Hammer, GoBlue, Steelers, Phat Pauly, and so many others that I am grateful to! You guys are just amazing! Thanks to all of you from the whole of my heart! There hasn’t been a single time I couldn’t pick up the phone and text or call for your support! (except Pista, he is not much of a talker! LOL!) I will always be indebted to you folks and plan to “pay it forward”! Alexreads, this means you! And anyone else who feels that I can offer some support! My number is a PM away!

To anyone thinking of quitting. If you are a person of your word, quitting is not that hard! Give your word, make yourself accountable, and QUIT! Caving is not an option!!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Martin

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