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Absolut SnusAbsolut Snus Tutti Frutti & Red Bull Infused

Chewie says…

“The flavor – WOW. talk about a “boost”.  I’m getting a spice here that tells me there’s some cayenne or something in there. The flavor profile is much better than it smells….

I got a good whiff of Red Bull which actually smells and tastes like Red Bull.”

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Absolut Snus Bubble Gum Infused

Chewie says…

“I hate to say it, but I’m not really a fan of this one. It’s got the exact same screw top can which I appreciate and the product itself is still in “puck” form when you open it, but as you can see from the photo this one was a bit moister (or at least it had that appearance after opening the can).”

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Absolut Snus Classic Energy Booster

Chewie says…

“The first time I heard about this product was when someone posted a response to our Smokeless Alternative Reviews page here on the blog.  I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical after reading the initial comment and watching the video reviews of the product which can be found below.”

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jimmykeeper says…

  • SUPER salty. Like eating a Saltine with anchovies in a sandstorm kind of salty.
  • Definite coffee flavor and action. Flavor definitely takes some getting used to, though, especially if you were more of a wintergreen or fruity dips guy as opposed to a Straight or Classic flavor.
  • I’ve never been a moist snus guy, so not sure if I did it all correctly, but overall pack and feel was pretty good.

If you were a snusser, especially one who portioned your own, I’d check this stuff out. I was more of a dipper so I’m sticking to the herbal snuffs as my fake of choice.

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  1. Is this still available? Getting nothing back at all on Amazon or Ebay.

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