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Absolut Snus – Bubble Gum Review

Absolut Snus – Bubble Gum InfusedI recently posted a review for two new flavors of Absolute Snus – Tutti Fruity and Red Bull Infused. There was also a third flavor recently released by Absolut and I’m back today to review that one: Bubble Gum Infused.

As with the other flavors, I don’t have an ingredients list as it’s a proprietary blend that the owner of Absolut doesn’t want to divulge. That being said, this one is awfully darn close in terms of consistency & moisture. The only difference is taste and smell, and even those aren’t all that different from the Red Bull Infused flavor.

You can read my previous Absolut reviews here:

Absolute Snus Bubble Gum In CanAbsolut Snus – Bubble Gum Review

I hate to say it, but I’m not really a fan of this one. It’s got the exact same screw top can which I appreciate and the product itself is still in “puck” form when you open it, but as you can see from the photo this one was a bit moister (or at least it had that appearance after opening the can).

It’s got a nice sweet bubble gum smell but the taste was pretty similar to the Tuttie Frutti flavor. Same good spitability as the other products that produced a lot of saliva but I just didn’t care for this one.

I got the same burn I did from the Tutti Frutti but it came even quicker with this one. I’m sure there are some folks out there who can handle the burn better than I can but in my opinion this is a pass.

The Bubble Gum Infused (as well as Tutti Frutti and Red Bull Infused) are available on eBay.

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8 years ago

Does it contain caffeine?

8 years ago

Quitting spitting is one of the best thing about not rubbing, that and talking with a chew in are things I don’t miss.

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