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Submission and Surrender To the Quit



After 30 years of dipping I am now quit 117 days. I have had those days to understand every failure I had in trying to quit before. The difference in my life has been one single act.


I submitted to the fact that I was an addict.

I submitted to the fact that I was letting nicotine win.

I submitted to the fact that I needed help to quit.

I submitted to KTC, its philosophy, its program and its members.

I submitted my phone number to strangers as an act of blind faith that I want to quit.

I submitted my promise to myself and my November brothers that I am quit today for 117 days.

I submitted my time to help others quit to pay the greatest acts of kindness ever extended to me to people like you.

I submitted myself to listen to what the veterans around here were saying (I was quite an ass at times).

I have submitted to the fact that I am not ready to stop posting roll.

I submitted to the fact that I may have to submit much more.

When you tally all of that up you will find that really I gave up my own pride that “I got this” and allowed those around me to help steer through my darkest days into a the best place I have truly ever been.

I was 9 years old the last time I was here.

Just let go brother. We will help you do the rest.

You can start by sending me your number.

Jody B.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member signal31x

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