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Ramming People Into Submission

There are times when I run across a post on our Discord server or our forums that strike me and I want to save them for posting on the main site. Every now that then I’ll save a draft of something that completely forget about it. This is one of those times. This post has been in my drafts for quite some time so I can’t even tell you when the original conversation took place (though I can say it was from our Discord server). These quitters have a brief convo about the methods we utilize here at KTC. It’s worth the read. Cheers!

NOTE: Yes, I’m a proud pro wrestling geek, but there’s another reason I’m using this image for this post. There’s not a lot of good options for images when you Google ‘submission’ 😉 

Submission - Batista and John Cena

‘Ramming People Into Submission’

CousinEddie (Mar 22)

You can’t downplay it, but ramming people into submission doesn’t work long term either. My parents used to make me throw away all my tobacco products and then would beat the fire out of me for it. It never stopped me, just created resentment from people I thought I could trust. Now, if someone fails once, then again, and again. Yeah you have to turn up the heat or let go. But I can see both sides of this coin. The only person that can keep you on the wagon is yourself. And if you fall off, figure out what broke or bumped you off, fix it or avoid it. Every time I go to the counter I look at Camel Snus so lustfully I can’t stand it. And after having to explain to the gas station attendant I don’t actually want to go home with her, I scurry out of the convenience store and celebrate my single win. For all have sinned and fell short. I’ve found that many times redemptive and just action with a little grace mixed in.

EdT3329 (Nov ‘21)

We’re not your parents. We’re the people you make a promise to every morning, and the people who make a promise to you every morning. Of people break that promise and nobody cares, it’s meaningless. That’s the point. It’s accountability. “Sorry man, better luck next time.” is not accountability.

Aquaman (Bad Wolves – Jul 21)

We’re not even looking at the same coin. You are looking at this wrong. The difference between what your parents did and what goes on here is you decided to quit and joined this site for accountability. There is absolutely nothing here except positive reinforcement, unless you cave. Even then, it’s more about help than yelling. Now, if you post your promise and break your promise, shit is going to hit the fan and rightfully so. We quit one day at a time, and we only have our word. The whole reason behind posting early is to solidify that promise to your brothers and sisters. “I will not use nicotine today!” That’s your promise. If you come in here tomorrow and say you’re done, or show the contract to give up, all of us are going to try to talk you out of it. But if you’re set on it, we just hope you see the light and come back soon. But you didn’t break your promise, and that is the difference.

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