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Nip Energy Dip

Nip Energy Dip New Flavor Review – Mixed Berry & Coffee

I’m thrilled to see this long time player in the smokeless alternative market continuing to innovate as they’ve just released two NEW flavors: Nip Energy Dip Mixed Berry and Coffee.  
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Nip Energy Dip New Flavors – Peach & Vanilla

Back again today with some new product from Nip Energy Dip. They’ve released two new flavors of their smokeless alternative which is made from natural sea sponge. Introducing Nip Energy Dip Peach and Vanilla. 
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Another Look at Nip Energy Dip

Nip Energy Dip is unique in the smokeless alternative world as it not only has a great smell and flavor but it’s also the only product out there made from all natural sea sponge. Its infused with Vitamin B-12 and caffeine so I spose you could put this in the “supplement” category as well.
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Nip The Grip – RAW

I received a message the other day from Lee Lewis who is the owner and founder of Nip The Grip –  I could tell right away that Lee was excited and after a few moments I understood why.  Nip is ready to go to market with a new addition to its product lineup… Nip RAW.
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NiP The Grip – Energy Dip Review

I recently had the pleasure of trying a new smokeless alternative called NiP The Energy Dip –  NiP is different from other smokeless alternatives in two main ways.  First it is made from sea sponge.  Yes, you read that correctly – SEA SPONGE.  Secondly, NiP touts an “energy boost” which comes from an infusion of Vitamin B-12 and Caffeine into the product.
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  1. Well, I received my free sample of Nip Ice in the mail today. I agree with alot of Chewie’s review, have had this in for about 10 minutes & I could not imagine keeping this in for much longer without seriously ripping up your gums. Also, the flavor is all but gone 15 minutes in, just sucking on a sponge now. Hats off to Nip for trying something different, but this concoction is a complete fail in my book. I’ll stick with Teaza & Hooch.

  2. Not sure if Nip the grip is still in business. I placed an order which they debited my account for, but did not receive any product. All phone calls and emails have not been answered. I truly believe in this product it is unfortunate.

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