Celebrating Dip Independence Via Text

Searsport, Maine Quit

Wanted to pass this along as I thought it was pretty cool.  We often talk about the concept of brotherhood and accountability at KillTheCan.org. In addition to posting roll and getting together with other quitters many members of our forums swap phone numbers and chat on the phone or via … Continue reading

Social Media and the Quitter

Social Media

We live in an increasingly “social” world.  If you’re like most folks out there, your social network continues to grow on a regular basis.  This can include social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, photo sharing sites such as Instagram, professional networking sites like LinkeIn and many many more. … Continue reading

Ode To Day 68 – I Woke Up This Morning and It Dawned On Me

Day 68

I woke up this morning and it dawned on me: Damn it feels good when you’ve been set free! Free from shackles of the bitch in the can, Couldn’t have done it without the KTC plan. It’s fairly simple if you put in the work, Post everyday, it keeps you … Continue reading

It’s Day SIXTY-SEVEN And Who Would Have Thunk


It’s day SIXTY-SEVEN and who would have thunk That I’d last this long without getting drunk. I’ve been tested and I’ve been tried, But I’ve also POSTED UP, so I’ve never lied! Yeah there’s been days that I’ve wanted to CAVE, But I’d txt a FOG CUTTER, and that killed … Continue reading

An Open Letter To Nick Swisher From a Fan – Quit Dipping

Nick Swisher Indians Jersey

Dear Nick Swisher ~ Welcome to Cleveland!  As a huge Cleveland Indians fan I simply cannot tell you how jazzed I am to see you donning a Tribe jersey this season.  I was driving to work the other day and literally got goosebumps when I noticed a guy walking on … Continue reading