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Build That Connection With Your Group

KillThe Can ConnectionToday my wife and I took our 20 month old son to the orthopedic surgeon due to a curvature in his lower spine. Now he has been walking fine and has been developing normal other than the spine issue. He has scoliosis and now has to go get an MRI and also go to genetics to make sure it is not a genetic issue or syndrome of some sort. My wife and I lost a child to a miscarriage long before I quit chewing so you can imagine how this news landed for the both of us.

Here is the good part at 221 days nicotine free my first thought wasn’t grabbing a can it was I need to let my group know what’s up and that I may be struggling in the future depending on the results. I sent a text out in our Group Me and immediately it was filled with responses of prayers and best wishes! I got a text from someone in my group just reaching out on a personal level to make sure I was good and if I needed anything they were just a text/call away.

I went from a bunch of strangers quitting nicotine to a family who stands by my side at a moment’s notice! This place works if you buy in and invest yourself properly. Point of the story is many hard times are around the corner that can trigger our addictive minds it’s so vital that you have this protection. Build that connection with your group you never know when a text or a post can pull you from the edge. I didn’t cave today because I posted roll and I didn’t cave today because I thought about my brothers/sisters before I thought about the can!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DWEIRICK

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