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  1. Day 108 here. Went friday through tuesdays with no withdrawl symptoms.. slept for 9 hours last night. Woke up with the dizzy spells and minor headache today.. Seems to be the pattern now. I get a few good days then days filled with anxiety and dizzy spells. Praying its all gone soon. Love you guys and i couldnt get this far without all of you

    • Hey Davee, congratulations on your 108 days, it is a great accomplishment. Don’t worry about all your symptoms, they will all start disappearing soon.

    • DAVEE,

      If you stay QUIT, this too will pass with time. Power through this SUCK and suck it up!


  2. 4 years today. Celebrated by riding my bike 33 miles. There is no way i could/would have done that if i were still using nicotine. Ive lost almost 70 pounds since i quit. I was close to 250 when i quit. Im down to 182 now. Sorry im pretty tired tonight after my ride and ma ready to go to sleep lol. Best of luck. Keep up the good fight

  3. I quit November 10, 2018. I stayed quit 326 days. A few weeks ago I posted that I had slipped up and had a dip. I also told everyone that that one dip hadn’t really affected me. I made it out that I was somehow stronger because of it. I was so wrong around three days after that dip I had another one. Then another. I am completely addicted again. All the symptoms that I had when I was quitting I am having even worse now that I started back. My anxiety levels are through the roof and I’m having dizzy spells. The worst part of all this is I did it to myself. I was completely over tobacco and one bad decision and I’m right back at square one. Anyways, I have decided to start over. I threw my can Out and when I wake up tomorrow morning I will be on day one. I feel like somehow it is going to be harder then it was last time. I guess I’ll get back in the gym too. When I quit last year, I also started lifting weights three times a week. That really seemed to help. Actually thinking back I didn’t start having cravings again until I stopped lifting. Anyways if anybody has been thinking about having just one dip please don’t do it. Find something to get your mind off of it. That one dip will lead you right back to a can a day. Ive decided that I will post my thoughts on here every night until I feel like through the worst of it.

    • Im on day 262 and I feel your pain stay strong man it’s really just us on this site fighting this stupid addiction we got ourselves into just remember, that can is a lie even when it gets hard everything about it is a lie I always keep fake dip around to ease the cravings best of luck to you man your not alone in this fight Im fighting it everyday alongside you!

    • We all learn one way or another.
      I caved on day 99 and 4 years later i started my quit once again, and it is like you say a lot harder than the first time.
      What really got to me from your post is when you said “When I quit last year” Dude! a whole year down the tubes.
      It really resounded on me because I am on day 361, you see what I mean?

    • Zack, stay strong and keep it up. It sucks that you have to start over again but you learned a powerful lesson to keep in your tool belt. Reading back on your last posts to this latest post almost sounds like an afternoon school special story about drug relapse and how “just 1 time isn’t going to hurt”. Well unless your only on your first try to quit, everyone in here has been in your shoes and relapsed. It is so important to learn and remember the LAW OF ADDICTION. Chewie should almost put it at the top of this page a banner for everyone to see everyday. “ADMINISTRATION OF A DRUG TO AN ADDICT WILL CAUSE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF CHEMICAL DEPENDENCE UPON THE ADDICTIVE SUBSTANCE”. Good luck and stay quit.

  4. 1463 today and haven’t thought of a dip in over 1,000 days. It will pass enjoy your freedoms ODAAT

  5. Preparing my HOF speech since i am on day 101 and i will get back to that later. With that said, i am still dizzy still have weird withdrawls that come and go but the worst is the dizzyness, it feels tough writing a HOF speech at day 100 when i have withdrawl symptoms going on. I have a day or two here where the dizzyness isnt here but most days it is. It makes you go crazy. From what i have read it is not unsual for this to happen at 100 days, i see some guys it lasted 200. I am just pushing through until its all gone then i will write my speech.

    • Davee – you are doing great. Rest assured this would go away. I had severe issues with depression and anxiety and it is very much better now (day 224). The issues you are having will go down in phases and sooner or later it will be gone completely.

    • Davee I am 201 days quit and I still deal with the fog and dizziness everyday. It kicked in about 2 hours after I quit and has been with me ever since, you are not alone.

    • DAVEE,

      Some days you WILL YOURSELF TO WIN!
      The mind and body are one.
      Remember to breathe deeply when anxious; relax the mind and body.


    • Davee, keep at it, it gets easier. Day 227 here.

  6. Day 223

    Going very strong now.. Anxiety and morning blues have almost disappeared. Up until a few days back, it usually is either anxiety / depression and no cravings or cravings but no anxiety/ depression. For the last few days, I have none :)..
    Going through a few posts, there are few things that really concerns me.. I am not a headmaster to remonstrate so please don’t take offence, I am just expressing what I know.

    I see few posts where fellow quitters after few xxx days try one and feel confident that they won’t get addicted back. There are two problems here:
    1. If you are trying that one dip to get back the occasional “enjoyment”, there is actually none even though you may feel there is some. It is the addiction that is talking to you. If you still equate enjoyment to dipping, you’ll never really be free and there will always be a longing at the back of your mind.
    2. Thinking that by not using the substance for a certain number of days has helped you break the “habit”. Habit is secondary here but addiction is primary. Your brain develops a tolerance neurological circuit that never really goes away even when you are quit. The moment you start ingesting the substance you are starting the process to rekindle all those neuronal pathways. It may or may not make you to immediately go back to old levels but there is always a very high probability that it may in a few days or in a few weeks.

    Remember, we threw this out not because of health, family, friends. All those are secondary. We threw this out because we wanted control of ourselves and we did not want to be a slave. This “habit” is disgusting and there is no enjoyment here.


    • Shiva,

      Very well stated. I am glad to see your progress so far. Keep all of you good habits and power through the rough days. The mind and body are one.

      @Sigman45- 4 years clean but always an addict

  7. Anyone have Increase in blood pressure after quitting?

    • Not sure about BP, but anxiety level went through the roof, a trip to the ER & it cost me a few grand. But still nic/tob free…..

  8. Listen guys I need some help here I am on day 98 and the dizzy spells started up again like I am back to my first week. Wtf is going on. I thought I wasn’t in the clear for about 2 weeks. Now some symptoms are back. I have been dizzy all damn day and tired. I am in good health. I slept 10 hours last night and I feel like I slept 3 hours. Is this normal to get these symptoms at day 100?!?

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