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    How Long Will I Think About Dip After I Quit?

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    Gastrointestinal Issues When Quitting Dip

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    BBJ Celebrates 10k Days of FREEDOM

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    Reaffirming a Decision forum member Jeffro Dolfie once again reaffirmed his quit in a big bad way…

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      Amarillo Snuff Co Product Review

      So I’m sitting in my truck this afternoon while my son has indoor baseball practice and I’m thrilled to finally…
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        1 week ago

        BBJ Celebrates 10k Days of FREEDOM

        KTC member Big Brother Jack celebrated TEN THOUSAND days tobacco free recently! He shared these photos and had this to…
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        Study: Vaping Could Nearly Triple the Chance of Smoking in Teens

        See… it’s stuff like this that really makes me fear the vapers out there. They’ll tell you just how much…
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        Reaffirming a Decision forum member Jeffro Dolfie once again reaffirmed his quit in a big bad way when he posted this to…
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        1. Well back in January I attempted to quit.. Plan was to taper off. Well that did not go so well.. Now I am back at my second attempt. This time I was able to taper off, and have been nicotine free for 7 days with minimal urges to chew. The difference this time is I am taking CHANTIX. Between that and BACOFF I am confident I have this thing licked. Plan was to taper off for 4 weeks, but after two weeks, I could not tell the difference between BACOFF and the real thing. So, I just use BACOFF now when I get an urge to chew. It is a habit so over time I will stop the BACOFF as well. Bit the tobacco will be gone. It is only day 7, but as of today, I think I will have it beat.

          1. Ok, want to give an update. I am currently going on 30days tobacco free. I have only minor urges to chew which are quickly alleviated by BACCOFF. I really do not have a desire for tobacco anymore, I am confident that my quit will be for good this time. I must say, I do not want to sound like an advertisement, but the CHANTIX seemed to have done the trick this time. For those of you who have really tried but just keep buckling, worth giving it a try. As I said, the first couple of weeks, you wonder if it is doing anything, but over time it kicks in. You still need to have self discipline and fight off the urges, but the urges are not nearly as strong and are more than manageable and weaken over time. I am using BACCOFF currently to deal with the mental habit, but that too I will drop over time..

            1. Congrats! 1-0-0 is right around the corner. Keep using that fake as long as its helpful! I used about a can/day of the fake for 220 days or so before it stopped being helpful – keep it up!

        2. First day of quit. 21 years of dipping and nicotine. Tired of being a slave to it. Ugg the non stop anxiety of not having enough on me. Or having to hide it from kids and others. Being out to a nice dinner, only to sneak away to throw a dip in. Eating and drinking said dinner with the dip in – because no where to spit. Over it. Wish me luck

        3. Quitting with you all every day is an honor. This thing isn’t easy… but it’s simple. Wake up, post roll, make your promise, stay quit… repeat.

        4. Well, I have been on this site and not allowed back to this site. I wish could at least be allowed to just add comments on this portion. Maybe someday who knows!!. I am very happy to say that today I am 23 days nicotine and dip free. I has not been easy and I am hoping to get some sort of support. Anyway hope you all keep on quitting I know im early in my quit im sticking with this though.

          1. You’ve been doing this (your version of quitting) going back to 2017. Multiple aliases are not tolerated and you know that.

            Congrats on 23 days… but this isn’t your first time at this point. Learn for your past failure.

          2. I have a similar story. I came to this site after switching to Black Buffalo, a tobacco alternative that still contains nicotine. Several people here were rude to me and ultimately, I was banned because “QUITTERS DON’T USE NICOTINE!!” This, even after I said the company had stated they were looking into releasing a non-nicotine dip alternative in the future. Well, they never did so, I’m happy to say I switched over to BAC-OFF and things are going great, no thanks to anyone here. This site could help millions of people quit a deadly drug if they laid some ground rules on how to treat other people in comments. We’re all human and we’ll get sick and die if we continually use nicotine.

            1. I doubt very seriously you were banned for using nicotine…

              But you’re right, we subscribe to the cold turkey (no nicotine) method of cessation. We feel that our battle is against nicotine and until you’re free from it you won’t be truly ‘free’ from dipping.

              If you experienced some shitty stuff from folks here in the comments I apologize.

              1. I’m deadly serious…I was told I was a “shill for Black Buffalo and not welcome in a NO nicotine community. I wasn’t a shill, I was excited to have a product that was an alternative to tobacco but still allowed me to dip. Some of the alternative companies featured and/or talked about often on this site do offer nicotine in their products, Fully Loaded, being one. I find that especially hypocrital regarding my ban. I was naive about the harm nicotine causes by itself and have since learned better so, now I do better with BAC OFF. Am I shill for them to? LOL

                1. You are correct that there are some alternatives that are reviewed here on the site that offer versions that contain nicotine – though we have never reviewed those products. I’ve specifically stayed away from Black Buffalo because they don’t have any versions that are nicotine free. If they DID offer a nic free variety they’d be here too.

                  That said, there’s a difference in someone being ‘banned’ from the forums vs. not being welcome to post roll cause they’re using a nicotine product. Feel free to shoot me an email or pm if you’d like to discuss further.

                  Congrats on being nicotine and tobacco free now!

        5. A Post to Those Who Do Things Differently From a Quitter…

          I came here in 2017 looking to quit. I had dipped 7-10 cans of Copenhagen a day for 23 years and just had my gums sent for biopsy. My doctor had suggested two nicotine patches a day and tapering them down.

          Instead of help here, I got many people telling me it was a “sissy way of quitting”, “would never work” and to “man up”. This site was not what I was told it would be. It was in fact, hostile from 75% of the responses.

          Within 3 months, I was tobacco free. That was December 26, 2017. Haven’t had a dip since, have zero interest in it and in fact my brother used the same method to kick the habit.

          The first time I thought about dipping or this site again was in fact while out running yesterday morning when a buddy yelled across the street to me and asked me how I quit again. He has been here. Can’t quit. Told certain ways “won’t work”. I told him how I quit. Told him IT MAY NOT WORK FOR HIM.

          What I didn’t do, was bash someone trying.

          Food for thought for you people. Zero nicotine since ’17.

          1. Congrats – sorry you had a bad experience… sadly, we’re not for everyone. So if I’m reading this correctly, you (at the suggestion of a doctor) went on patches and tapered them down to the point of NOT using patches? If so, HUGE congrats… that’s definitely not an easy task and something you should be SUPER proud of. In my opinion this is a completely acceptable way to quit and once you got rid of the patches (nicotine) I’d be honored to have you at KTC posting roll side by side with me.

            Congratulations again!

          2. Just a friendly reminder, there is no shame in HOW you quit.

            What MATTERS is: you quit.

            We each have a unique set of fingerprints, literally and figuratively. Every single one has a different # of cans per day, duration, DNA, etc., etc.

            Stay strong!

          3. schuylkill425, your name resonates with me as my brother who played semi pro football for baltimore got hurt by the schuylkill county coal crackers! We all quit our different ways. I tried patches and then I was wearing patches and dipping. Double whammy. There are some folks here that talk tough and want to act bad-ass. I have stayed in my lane and found some wonderful quit buddies and budettes here. But as my hero Chewie says, to each their own. Glad you are quit and have stayed that way.

          4. Congrats on being nic free. Quitting is different for everyone, for me the accountability works.
            MikeW2018 711 days Nic free

          5. As Dundippin states and I attest to; there is more ways than one to skin a cat. Long and short, stay quit and do whatever it takes to accomplish this end goal.

        6. 1 Year and 14 Days

          Hello folks,

          It’s been quite a few weeks of hectic work and travel and couldn’t get much time to post. Just crossed 1 year mark and it is a huge milestone for me. Life is mostly great but still get an occasional pang once in a while.

          @Sigman – Hope you are doing alright. Been a long time and I just wanted to say a special thanks to you for helping me out during my miserable time.


        7. Hey Mike,
          Congratulations on 8 days plus.

          I was a 40 year 2 tin a day dipper but finally stopped. Your headaches and pains will last until they don’t. Do not focus on that. Focus on positive things in your live instead.
          Make sure you are eating 3 square meals a day. If you are hungry it could bring on all types of stress and symptoms.
          Get in some cardio workouts and alternate with weight lifting to ease the physical effects.
          Make sure you try to get at least 8 hours of rest.
          Learn to distract yourself when you start having those thoughts and shift your focus to something else. This is key to remaining successful as well as dealing with other of life’s other unpleasantries.

          You have this.

          I quit with you today. IQWYT

          Dundippin, day 1630

        8. I’m on day 8…still can’t believe I’m doing this. I have in the past, wanted to quit, or so I thought. Would write down a certain date to quit and so on …well this is the way I had to do it. I told myself I wasn’t running out After midnight to grab a tin. That decision was my day one. Can you guys Please help me. How long will these headaches and pains last? I was close to two tins of skoal apple a day for the last 20 plus years. Was doing cherry prior and was about a tin a day. Once I found apple, it went up to two tins. I m actually shocked I be stuck to it and I never want another one again in my life. But these dreams at night and pains during the day suck.

          1. Congrats on a week+ of freedom Mike – it sucks now but here’s the bottom line – YOU’RE DOING IT! The beauty of this is that you NEVER have to feel like this again… as long as you don’t go back to the can. As the great Jim Morrison once said, “Push on through to the other side”.

            You’ll be glad you did.

        9. I hope you all have a safe and happy new year’s eve!! Be careful tonight. If you choose to drink tonight, don’t let it drive you back to dipping. If you’re struggling at all I’d suggest staying away from it. Happy New Year!!!

        10. Merry Christmas guys. Day 163 but I’ve been struggling the last couple days. My mind feels clear and no serious signs if withdrawals but the cravings have been horrible. I keep reminding myself how bad that first week was and how I’m not starting over. I hope you all are doing well and staying quit!!

        11. Day 8, cannot believe I finally made it past a week nicotine free. I will never cave because the first 3 days are so bad I cannot do it again, I have to make it this time. Cravings still there but getting a bit easier to fight. Merry Christmas to all!

          1. LGW, hang in there, Stay strong and take it one day at the time. If you find yourself weakening, think about those first three days. Merry Christmas and safe Holidays.

        12. 1531 days. I cannot even remember when the last time i had the urge, it has been close to 3 years. The worst part was those first few years the dreams you have about slipping and wake up panicked. Everyone has their own advice to people starting their quits. What i realized is you have to really want it. I was sick of chewing tobacco, the nasty taste it would leave in my mouth every morning, meeting hot women at the park and either trying to hide spitting in front of them or swallowing it, going to a movie and not being able to sit 2 hours and enjoy it without having a nicotine fit. I was tired of it controlling my life. The amount of things that have changed for the better are even more than i could have expected. I enjoy things now, getting out and exercising, eating right, ive lost between 60-70pounds over the last 4 years. One last piece of advice for those starting or early in their quit, dont overwhelm yourself with insane expectations all at once. As your quit gets longer these things will come naturally. You will want to do more gradually as you progress in your quit.

          1. Looking forward to 200 days tomorrow on Christmas. I sure do miss having a fatty in my lip especially on Christmas eve. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and stay quit!!!

          2. I’m only on day 45 but I am relating to your story… With each day I become more repulsed I ever poisened my body for so long. I still get urge a few times a day and I say fuck you, I don’t do that anymore. Feels so good

          3. Day 45 and each day I get more pissed I let Copenhagen control me forso long. Never going back and when I get an urge I say fu copies, never again.i really wanted to quit and it feels so good. I willnotlet the guard down

          4. Congrats Tom that is a long time quit. Thank you for posting, it’s encouraging to hear from the veterans. I hope I get to a point that I start losing weight. I’ve gained 40 lbs since my quit. Day 163

          5. Hey Tom, funny you mention the dream episodes, I am on day 432 and that’s exactly what i just finished posting on another thread. Craves and all the physical stuff are very much gone, but the dip dreams are in full force at this stage.

        13. 1st time on in a while. Says I’ve been quit 1,147 days. After 25ish years I went cold turkey and never looked back. Nicotine is out of your system in about 72 hours. Anything after that is a head game.
          For the newbies, this site has good info and support but dont buy in too deep to some of the horrors of quitting or the struggles some perpetuate after hundreds of days. Throw the can away and move on
          If you ACTUALLY want to quit, you will
          If you want to use this site for empathy and an excuse to fail for x number of time – you can do that to.
          How bad you want it?

        14. I decided to quit New Years Day this year. Came to this site, never posted, but just reading some of the things to expect and seeing other folks going through the same stuff I was dealing with helped. I had been dipping for about 14 years (since I was 14) and over a can a day for around the last 8 of those. Went cold turkey on nicotine, used the hell out of smokey mountain for about 6 months though and that helped. Those first 3 weeks were just flat out brutal. Felt like a fever dream. It does pass though, then just feels like an itch you can’t quite scratch for a good long while. It’s been about 5 months now since my last can of the fake stuff, and I feel great. Feel like I’m in the clear. Very few cravings and a sense of pride for having the necessary willpower. I wanted to thank y’all who run and post on here for giving me reassuring reading material, and to tell anyone trying to ditch the worm dirt on that it’s definitely doable. It sucks for sure, but it’s worth it. Thanks again and y’all stay strong.

        15. So I’m back again. Made it 200+ days and randomly drove straight to a gas station and pounded a tin in an hour. Have been stuck for two months in this rut. Same as last time, the woman found out and said she’s not taking care of me when I have a flap in my mouth. Everything hurts and I’m doing all the crappy things I hated all those months ago.

          Day 1 starts right now. Forget New Years. I want to start the new decade strong so that means suffering more in the last two weeks. I stopped coming on this site which is one of the reasons I think I relapsed. Posting here and being accountable helps far more than I ever thought. To all you veterans posting multi year quits and words of encouragement, you should know it means a lot. Hopefully you will hear from me again when I have some days under my belt. Good luck out there fellow quitters.

          1. Quit for you man. Unless you want tips on where the good fishing holes are. This is a good ol boy club. Quit for yourself. Or if not, enjoy your dip. Smoking is worse. Lol

          2. CB,
            Now make the shift to quit for self! Get involved and read up on the wealth of knowledge here. Welcome back.

            @Sig45, 1550+

          3. CB, I will be 5 years quit in Feb, no nic/tob slip, ever…… Not bragging, just saying it can be done, but you MUST be accountable for what you do, not any other way around it. I had my 1st dip when I was 10 yrs old, I was 44 when I quit. Post here for sure, if it had not been for KTC, no way I would’ve made it. But remember, most of the time there is NO hand holding here. If you cave & come here & share that, don’t expect a bunch of hugs & kisses, ya gotta man up & just put that shit down & take ALL measures to not do it again. Only you really know if you mean it or you’re just giving lip service, you can do it. Good luck!!!!!

            1. Hey Dan O, Sigman, Kenneth,

              I appreciate you all replying. Needless to say I didn’t show my face back here (until now) after my last post as I got myself completely addicted against and the shame was too much.

              71 days ago I quit again. First few weeks were hard but not as bad as I expected. I’m going through a bad sleep and headaches phase now but I know it will pass.

              The reason I came here to post again is because I feel so confident in my quit right now. I have had 0 desire to dip at all for over a month. And that’s not all good. It’s easy to forget how big and strong the monster is when it’s not the focus of your life all the time. It can’t be underestimated. I’m here and posting as a reminder to myself that help is available and to not ever think I’m 100% free, no matter how good I feel. I realized I shouldn’t wait until a crisis to “re-up” on the good things that got me through the first few weeks.

              Btw – I did take all of your advice. This quit has been about me and me alone. I think it’s helped with some of the emotional toll the quit takes on you.

              Good luck to you all on your journeys and may they be tobacco free.

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