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When you’ve made the decision to quit dipping you need support. You’ll get it right here at KillTheCan! This site is dedicated to helping people QUIT dip, smokeless & chewing tobacco! It will be a long & difficult road, but we are confident that you too can be successful and quit dip!

All articles on are written by members of our forums. These are people who understand what it means to quit. They write these articles from the perspective of a quitter. Don’t believe the “experts” that you find out there on the web – believe someone that has successfully QUIT DIP.

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  1. Thank you to this website for all the help I have made it 100 days

  2. Brooksstephenson

    I am ready to quit I am starting oct 6,2013 at 8:03 I am ready for my challange for the future

  3. Today is my first day off the can. As a woman my motivation is not having nicotine in my system while I’m trying to conceive. I quit when pregnant with my first child so I know I can do it again. I just am really grumpy. 🙁

    • Congrats on a great decision Ashley! I’m curious, if you quit when you were pregnant the first time, what led you back? Let us know how we can help… you’re not alone!

  4. Looking for tips to curve the cravings I’m chewing gum like crazy and sunflower seeds i am about a can every two days and have been dipping for 7 years. Need help

  5. Took my first dip under the slide in kindergarten. Didn’t take another one until I joined the Army in 1993. Been dipping since then. I quit 10 days ago cause I just got sick of it. It’s weird, I quit something that I loved to do (dipping) and started doing something that I hate (running). Beef jerky and gummy lifesavers got me through the first few days. Now all I gotta do is stay mean and stay mad at the snuff and I’ll be good to go.

  6. 17 years old been dipping copey long for awhile now tonight I’m done I’m sick of being paranoid of the big C. I’m done wish me luck gents.

  7. Steve!! Hang in there I’m praying for you and I know you can do it! Stay strong and realize the consequences of having a dipper are greater than a 2 minute buzz

  8. I’m new to this and need to quit before I completely lose my family. I quit smoking 4 years ago but I’m having a harder time quitting chew. I don’t have much of a support team here at home because my wife found out I started chewing again, and she doesn’t speak to me much. She’s said I’m worthless and would rather raise our kids without me in the picture. I really do need help.

  9. Day 11 of my quit. Starting to feel irratable, unfocused and a little depressed. I keep reminding myself that this is normal and that at some point I come out on the other end though. Struggling.

  10. Day 2 for me. Not too bad, but I know the worst is coming. It always seems to be the back end of a tough work week when the temptations get overwhelming. It’s now or never though. I hope I can lean on this site to get me over the hump.

  11. I quit 79 days ago from a can and a half a day for 16 years just wanted to say thanks for the help from this web site I still have 21 days before hof but it has gotten easier

  12. I’ve been dippin for a year and a half I always told myself once I got a white spot IDE quit so I finally got one I’m 6 days in now and my problem is I like dipping I’m not craving it that much I just love to pack a fatty when I’m out with my bros. but my girl is super happy now but it’s so damn hard I think ima need some help

  13. 5 days off of grizzly feels like an eternity but the fake dip herbal crap is working when I can’t stand it anymore the worst part now is just how much I miss throwing in a dip and doing.. Well anything but the fog is starting to lift and I dont feel like a crack addict walking around itching ha get through day 3 and you will feel your self getting better

  14. Im only 16 and been chewing for 4 years..i hate it but love it..i know i need to quit..i pack 1 can a day and if i have the money sometimes 2 cans a day…it sucks but i cant kick the can…help!!!!!!

  15. I just came across this website and am really happy!! My husband of fourteen years has finally decided, on his own terms, that he is going to quit dipping. As you can imagine I am over the moon!! He is a three can per week user and has been doing it for the last twenty years. I know it is going to be hard…really hard. I am just excited to see there are places we can go to for help and understanding. I want to be as supportive as I can so I will be reading as much as possible. Stay strong all of you!!! Your wives and families thank you for making the choice to be with us a little longer!!!!

  16. It will subsie Bob,, I just hit my one year mark today… each day gets better !

  17. Day 1 in process. Stopped last night at 7:20 after i got home from work and bush hogging the fields getting ready for deer season. I have dipped since I was 16 and am now 23. I finally had the urge to kick the habit Sunday after going to Church with my girlfriend and her family. Her dad actually found my dip can inside my door compartment and he looked at me and said you need to kick that habit and went on to tell me when he was in the miliatary he use to smoke and after one injury to his foot that could have been prevented from smoking he said he crushed his pack and never picked it back up. So it motivated me to do the same. I told my parents last night after i finished my last dip and showed them the inside of the can and said I am done, and that I do not want to be a victim of cancer. The odds are against me on getting cancer. Both of my grandparents on my dad’s side have had it. My grandfather has been battling it for the past 8 years and after seeing him suffer and the pain i go through each year when it comes back and not knowing when his time will come i finally kicked the can. I have had jitters all day and craved it time to time, but boy i have chomped away on some sunflower seeds today good god. 2 packs already and about to run to the store to buy 2 more. I need an alternative that will not give me ulcers all in my mouth but I don’t have any places around here that sale alternatives here in my small town. So looks like cold turkey for good. My only alternative i believe will be to go buy a beef jerkey can that is all cut up and just act like its the snuff until the urge of just having it on me actually passes. Is that a good or bad idea and any points or helpful hints will be greatly appreciated.

  18. It’s time to quit. What is the best thing to do to get prepared?

  19. @ Matt- The hardest thing for me will be driving and not doing it.

  20. Ive been dipping since I was 12 mostly because I was worked for an amateur baseball league as a kid. I then played baseball throughout school, which was also a chewfest. I need to quit but it is pretty entrenched. The longest I ever went without it was 6 months 3 years ago..

    • I dipped or chewed leaf for almost 47 years. About 4 months ago I bought a can of Smokey Mountain thinking I could replace my regular dip with herbal. Did not work. I then started mixing my regular dip with Smokey Mountain 50/50. Seemed to work, I then went 40/60, 25/75, 20/80 and finally 10/90. I am now using Smokey Mountain without any nicotine. I weened myself from my addiction over several weeks without any problems. It was quite easy and simple. Good luck, Ted, Missoula, Mt.

  21. I’ve been free of smokeless tobacco for 4 weeks and 3 days. I still get strong cravings, and my blood sugar levels continue to drop, got to carry “Glucose Tablets” for that quick raise of blood sugar. My doctor wants to know why the sudden change, and I told him that I quit tobacco of any form,(he still thinks that I smoke cigarettes) but he wants to run “Tests.”

  22. Set my quit day for today. I wasn’t planning on it, but i went all day yesterday without dipping and didn’t even mean too. I was just busy. May as well keep going. I want to be rid of this thing that seems to grab a hold of me and control to many situations in my life! i want to eat a meal and not have a dip afterwards. i want to fish without dip. I want to hunt without dip. I want to be able to always kiss my wife instead of having to let her kiss my cheek because i have a dip of snuff in! I want to be done explaining to my little boys why “Daddy has his special cups that you can’t drink out of.” I want to be done. Now I just have to finally have the will power to see it through!

  23. Monday was my quit day. I have been dippin for 5 years, Cope Straight. It has been a hard three days, not to mention my girlfriend quit smoking after 6 years. I sure hope the “first 3 days are the hardest” rules applies here, because I’m going nuts! I did find some Smokey Mountain at my local Walmart in Nashville. I found this site and you guys are definitely helping me through it. Thanks from Music City!

  24. Just decided to quit today, I quit before and made it 65 days and had one weak moment, this time failure isn’t an option. I’m 19 and want to keep my mouth. I’m gunna need support

  25. I’ve been addicted for awhile now but when I quit I kept getting cravings so I saw that beef jerky chew stuff and when I want a dip I just put that in it helps and then I stopped wanting it and using the beef jerky

  26. I have been dipping fof about 7 years and want ti quit so bad, have tried several times but that doesnt even last the day. I have tried some herbal dip but it didnt stay packed and wasnt the same. Im a 3 can a day guy and one chew for me is about half a can. I havd one in about all day long. Im tired of my teeth and gums hurting and need to quit. Guess i dont have enough will power. Im in desperate needs of tips to quit pleass help

    • Jeremy, I have been chewing for 4 years about 2 cans a day. I just turned 20. It has been a struggle for me to quit these last few months because i didnt want to. I said i did cause it sounded good but never put the full effort. I have been trying to stop for the last 10 months on and off. Longest i made it was 7 days. I am currently on day 4 and am coasting. I Have recently been attending church and been praying on it. and god has been awnsering. whenever i want a chew or things seem tense i just say pray on it. We’ve all been there were your good for 3 days then it gets in your head that you need it for some reason. but you gotta really want to quit deep down inside. “Its gonna kill me to quit, or kill me if i dont”

  27. Yee Hah! Cravings are finally gone! I think that I’ll finish the work that I started in converting my Ford E-150 van into a “Motorhome-on-a-shoe-string-budget.” Thank the Lord, I feel finally free!

  28. Well I’ve slipped up the last few nights and just gave my tin to another coworker…time to put this addiction behind me with the long weekend coming…wish me luck and thanks for the support…it’s gonna be a night of jolly ranchers for me.

  29. Yes but as time goes by I found that it starts to go away

  30. Only 17 and I’m having a tough time trying to quit. Didn’t go through a can a day or anything. Just 4 dips a day. Any advice on helping me quit? It’s tough as shit.

  31. Yes! I am really a laid back guy, but you take my nicotine away for a few hours and I become a genuine asshole. So much so, I have decided to cut down for one week, and then cut off. Don’t know if it will be any better, but figured I would give it a shot.

  32. Anybody ever experience extreme anger to one individual? I seem to be hyper-focused on one asshole at work right now! He is a complete ass, but I have never felt this angry towards anyone lately!

  33. Thanks. I have gone 5 days now with no chew and was thinking of buying nicorette today, but didn’t because did not really know to much about the product. My major problem is that’s all I think about skoal I actually miss it will that change with time or will I always miss it. Now with football about to start I just want to get through this for me my wife and kids.

  34. Anybody ever trying using nicorette when quitting if so does it help?

    • Brian – if you mean “Does using Nicorette take the edge off?” then the answer is unequivocally “yes”. However, that’s because Nicorette contains nicotine which is what you’re really addicted to. Until you’re nicotine free, you can’t truly begin your recovery. Sadly, there is no magic pill. Even if you DO use Nicorette to deal with withdrawal, when you finally do quit using nicotine (the gum, patch, etc.) you will THEN go through withdrawal. Best bet is to go cold turkey. It’s the quickest way to begin your recovery.

  35. Had a dip dream last night woke up craving cope straight

  36. I just had my last dip…been trying to quit for 2 years but I keep going back…I work construction and a lot of guys on my crew also chew so when I get weak, I just ask them for a dip….gonna give it another shot tonight as I have occasional chest pains and it freaks me out

  37. Chewie,

    Thanks! I am going next week. I am already in a stressful job and trying to quit is not making things any better. I am glad I found this website

  38. On my fourth week…. :/…. Anyone ever experience white crap in their mouth after quitting… I think the Ph balance is readjusting… but I am a little freaked out

  39. I’m done. Just woke up again at1 am with a ďip still in my mouth. I don’t want to go out this way. Reading here gives me hope. Time to man up I guess.

  40. Armando you got this hang in there and keep moving forward

  41. My grandfather used to do 5 cans per day. My grandmother couldn’t understand why they had to remove his jaw, and 1/2 of his tongue. Of course he died at age 69. Wow, I used to do, and this is no lie, one can per week, and I thought I had a real bad problem. I guess it’s not the amount, just that I was truly addicted.

  42. Altoids worked for me last night. I had to stop hanging around with the smokers, it’s the nicotine in the air (second-hand smoke) that really gives me a hard time.

  43. day 2 and it’s hell

  44. You can do this Bob. 22 days quit is a drop in the bucket compared to how long you used. You didn’t become addicted overnight and you won’t be free overnight. Take it one moment at a time if you have to. You can do this.

  45. Way to go man

  46. I had a weak moment, slipped in an “Altoids,” wow, oh yeah, that did it.

  47. Just went cold turkey of 2 cans of skoal a day for 4 years. I feel like crap

    • Armando, cold turkey you then can see the urgency. I quit saving all my once chewed tobacco (OBC), for a can. Took that and mixed it with a fresh can so 50% nasty. Chewed those cans saving the now TBC. You can guess 75% double nasty, and now it is clearly obvious willingly putting that crap in my mouth. COLD TURKEY is the best choice.

  48. Bob I am new to the quit to at just 53 days you can do it hang in there

  49. Hey fuck them bob!!!! Will they be the ones who die of cancer??? Nope you will. Stay strong buddy you can do this

  50. 3 weeks, and I’m still going nuts! Some guy said that every day that you remain Dip free, puts you one more day of being quit. I don’t know how much longer I can go. Other people tell me that I should quit quitting, because I’m driving them nuts!

    • Hang in there Bob – don’t go back now! At this point, you’re totally nicotine free. It WILL get better. Have you joined us on our support forums yet: – it’s the best place on the web to get support from people who know what you’re going through!

    • Stay strong guy

    • 76 Days dip free here and it is finally starting to get a bit better Bob. I suggest reading the “what to expect when quitting” guide often. Pretty much right on target for me. I dream of day 101.

      • Try smokie mountain. You need a chew in there, but no nicotine. It really helps. I’m 170 days quit but still need smokie mountain.

        • I am praying that you have not picked the can back up. The date on your post jumped out at me. My girls and I were spending the last night with their dad when you made this post. He lost his life to the effects of smokeless tobacco and oral cancer a little over 9 hours after your post. September 4, 2013 – the date tobacco cans took my very best friend away.

    • Don’t worry about the other people – drive ’em crazy. You’re on your path that’s for your health and empowerment and they can just deal with it. Plus you’ll be a clearer, healthier, more focused you and that’ll help everybody. DO IT, QUITTER!

    • 6 days and jonesing after a 30 yr tin a day habit! Might kill the dog and kick the wife or vice versa.

    • Bob, get yourself to a hypnotist! You can eliminate the withdrawal anxiety in one or two sessions. I’m a hypnotist in FL and my clients are 94% successful in quitting. Don’t delay! You don’t need to suffer.

    • Vaughan Seton-Bakke

      Hey Bob, 3 weeks is awesome! I had quit for 17 years but I started dating a beautiful woman who chews. It only took that one pinch to get the rush of nicotine. Now with a new family and my health to think about. I just ordered “Jake’s mint chew” for myself and my wife. I wish we could say we had 3 weeks. Be strong! Living without a habit controlling your every awaking move is a wonderful place to be. V

    • Three weeks hang in there. About six months quit for me BUT a relapse almost had me again. Don’t fall for that Big Tobaccos trick and just use one dip! Guess even I need a little help once a while. Please share a chewing embarrassing moment. Mine. My son spitting like a pro, emulating his dad. Worse grandma got to watch (her concrete porch).

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