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Thank you for your interest in helping & the support forums. As you know, the goal of is to help as many people possible to quit dipping, quit chewing and quit smokeless tobacco. & QSX Business Cards
KTC Business CardMany people have asked about business cards and how to get them. There are two ways to go about getting your own business cards.

  1. offers free business cards! Visit for full details. Essentially, you can design your own cards and as long as you don’t mind having the VistaPrint logo on the back of your cards they are free. All you pay is shipping.
  2. Free business card templates are available right here for download. If you’d just like to have some generic cards, you can download them here in PDF format. There are three different designs/logos to choose from.If you’re looking for something a little more customized (your name, email address, phone number, etc.), you can download the template here in MS Word Format.

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Other sites and blogs are welcome to establish links to any of our web sites, such as or QSX. Links to individual content pages within or specific threads on QSX are also welcome. The more traffic we get the more potential quitters we can reach!

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Promoting or QSX
If you are a member of another online message board, chat group, etc, please consider putting in your signature or personal home page on those forums. PLEASE DO NOT SPAM OTHER FORUMS WITH KILLTHECAN.ORG INFORMATION! While we appreciate the effort, we want to ensure that reaches quitters — not spammers. Additionally, we want to ensure that is not thought of as a spam farm.

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