Hall of Fame

Hall Of FameOnce you begin spending any time around this site and the forums, you’ll notice that people refer to the Hall of Fame (or HOF). A person is considered a Hall of Famer once they reach 100 days in their quit. This is not a magic number where you’ll automatically be “healed”, but it’s a HUGE accomplishment that anyone should be proud of reaching.

There are certainly pitfalls along the way to the Hall of Fame, and many people have run into problems well beyond the hall but it is a goal that is achievable.

Once you’ve reached the Hall of Fame, you then have the right to create a Hall of Fame speech. Not every member writes one, but we love to read them. Many member use it as an opportunity to thank their quit brothers, some use it to ramble about quitting, some use it as a therapeutic adventure. Each one is individual and we keep them archived because of their great value not only to the person who wrote it, but also to other quitters and people who have not yet made the decision to quit dip.

Click here to read some Hall of Fame Speeches

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