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Dear Sirs I QuitThere are many different ways to quit smokeless tobacco. We are certainly not here to tell you that our way is the only way (and in fact this site is dedicated to ALL methods to get people to quit chewing tobacco). The one thing that we all agree on is that one of the best tools available to a new quitter is community.  Quitting is difficult… quitting by yourself is even more so. The information that is available on this site is your first tool. Reading about your addiction, how it affects you and methods to quit are very important. We feel that being accountable to OTHER people is of paramount importance to a successful quit.

One of the things that we do on the quit forums is “post roll”. It is a promise to ourselves and to our quit brethren that we will not chew that day. No one is ever talking about quitting forever. We realize that a concept like “forever” is very difficult for an addicted chewer to cope with. For many of us, it takes hundreds of days to deal with the concept of “forever” (if then). One of the main reasons we post roll is accountability. Not only to yourself, but to everyone else on the board… you’re saying that you’ll be dip free for today. It’s easy to sneak off and have a dip when no one but yourself will know… but if the entire board will know that you caved… well, it makes some people think twice about having a pinch.

While membership on the boards is free and essentially anonymous, we encourage getting to know one another. Many brothers (and sisters) have created incredible bonds through the site. Personal emails and phone numbers are exchanged on a regular basis. If you are having a rough day and contemplating taking a dip give a brother a call… it’s MUCH more difficult to break that promise when you’re on the phone.

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