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  1. I just had a tooth pulled and an implant inserted. I have been bed ridden for four days as I try recuperate.

    This reminded me of how I quit on Sep 15, 2015. I was able to do all the snuff I wanted and it was not helping me a bit. It was making me super hyper and I realized I had to stop. I tried stopping multiple times over 40 years.

    I decided to just stop. To do that, I just rested in bed and ate and slept. Not everyone can do that. We all quit our different ways.

    I finally was able to sit up like a normal human being, eat without dip and went about my day. However, I was in a deep forg for at least 30 days.

    To quit you need to just stop.

    I quit with you today.

    Dundippin day 1611

  2. I’ve been quit for 1117 days now. I started off on my own and a week Into it I found this site. I never joined a group (I don’t know why, never felt like it I guess) but I found a lot of encouraging stories and statements. I still this site every month or so to help cement the reason why I quit in the first place. Use all the tools you can to stay quit and good luck!

  3. It has been 122 days since I quit.

    If you are here reading these posts, it is because you also want to join the league of champions. It takes a massive effort to let go of the life you know. This site and the people can provide you with the weapons to start the battle. It aint easy, but if it was, then you wouldn’t be here.
    Good Luck.


    1. I am on day 23

      I have been in an affair with nicotine for 40 years. the dip has been towards the last 20 years. holy crap, I had no idea this was the price for this ride. I have the occasional craving but, the biggest and most notable is my lack of a filter. I pretty much say hat it think. not good. not much tolerance for anything right now. biting down hard to ride this out. thanks God for this forum, at least I know is gets better.

      1. I know exactly what you mean by having little tolerance. I think we used nicotine to deal with every little situation and now that we took the nicotine away, we hae to learn a new and healthier way to handle life.

  4. Day 46
    I am finally coming out of the fog, going through this again made me realize that it gets harder to start all over and the consequences get harsher.
    Last time I did it just because I wanted to quit, this time I had to.
    My blood pressure was very high and would not come down, I am 99.9 % sure it is related to Dip. I am off the Nicotine and carcinogens now, but I am taking BP medication. I have to eat healthy and exercise, not because I want to, but because I have to.
    In retrospective, i probably would not have quit if there were no consequences, I had to experience that. For some of you that are quitting before you suffer health consequences continue on, Do not wait until you have to. I am lucky that I can control and reverse the BP, others might have to deal with other harsher outcomes. Brothers, you all take care.

  5. Well its day 8 and things are going pretty good. The fog has faded away and I havent had any bad headaches. Some weird ass dreams tho. Went to the dentist and other than a few cavities she said everything looks great and my use hasn’t done anything major to my gums. Now the only thing is to fight the urge to start again now that the doc gave me the all clear but i’m staying strong. Anyone have a suggestion of a good herbal snuff replacement similar to Copenhagen long cut? I cant stand straight flavor and i’m not a wintergreen or mint guy.

  6. It is very easy to slip and fall and even easier to justify the continued behavior. Though something in our brains tells us that the decision made is unhealthy, we choose to ignore it and bury that spark of wisdom. We know that we will have to quit one day whether we like it or not, we know that we should make the decision before something else makes it for us. Yet we go ahead and do it. The power of addiction is not only physical, but psychological and that is where the real battle resides. I am not sure if the chemicals in the product manage to create bridges in our neurons to continue the behavior, even sometimes without us thinking it, we automatically reach for it and start spitting. So the battle, I read somewhere, to start rewiring our way of thinking, nobody really knows if it happens in our brains or somewhere else that dictate our behaviors. Who knows, but it is real and sometimes it takes the best of us.
    What I learned? I learned that it is easy to fall, not so easy to get up if you are not ready.
    What is different? I have been quit and I have been addicted; though it is really hard to go through it again and stay quit, it is worth to stay off it, nothing compares to regain your health.

  7. hey guys and gals , i have come to the conclusion that i cant do this on my own ! chewie i need your help along with everyonelse on here . see ive chewed 2 cans of cope snuff a day for close to 30 years , and i decided to quit the begining of march this year and was doing good until this past weekend , the guys and i went on a fishing trip and i caved , now im back on the wagon since yesterday , but i need a little help , thanks

  8. Smoked all throughout highschool, and smoked and dipped all throughout college. Been at a can a day and/or pack a day since I was 16. I’m 26 now, had a cancer scare last Friday, decided to quit. I’m on day 5, and am up to a pack of gum per day. Not nic gum, just Orbit. Going good so far. Don’t want to lose my jaw to cancer. Anyone have any advice on how much longer these cravings will last? I’m tired of being on edge all the time.

  9. I started smoking 20 years ago. I started dipping 10 years ago. I quit smoking and started vaping about 2 years ago. I quit dipping about a week ago. If I decide to kick all nicotine, would a quit group be appropriate for me to join? Thanks!

    1. Yes sir, but no punches are pulled here. We quitters will give support, but vaping isn’t really quitting, is it? This is a quit forum, so drop all of that stuff, you can do it. Nic gum, vaping, those are examples of just hanging on to the past, let that junk go, nic free my man, good luck.

  10. Good morning everyone, I’ve been a 2 can per day Copenhagen dipper for almost 30 years now. I’ve quit on a few occasions but always went back to it. The longest I managed to go was in basic training where I lasted for 6 1/2 weeks. I have to tell you that this is the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to do in my life. I quit a couple of months ago but have had several ‘slip ups’ and end up really discouraged. I’m recommitting today that I’ve had my last tobacco. I have four girls (20, 17, 16 and 2 1/2). Although I am quitting for me, I’m doing it because I want to be around to see all my girls grow up. I wish everyone on the forum good luck and plan to post almost daily to make sure my commitment stays recent in my mind.

  11. Hi guys never thought i would use this website but im ready to quit ive been dipping very on and off for four years and im ready to cut it cold turkey it jst doesnt provide that good buzz anymore but i still always want one in my lip…..today is the day 9/10/2016 im done!!! This community is great and i need all the support i can get

  12. On 24 hours of no snuff and I’m having a foggy day, That common on day #1? I quit out of the blue yesterday, cold turkey and mentally I feel great about quitting. I’m being calm and not aggressive, I’m not eating or hungry though. I chewed for 20yrs and I’m 33 yrs old.

    1. Michael, I’m on day two as well. I am not as mellow as you. I had a can a day for ten years, currently 27. Haven’t had any tobacco or nicotine in 24 hours and I’m feeling it – body is shaking, couldn’t sleep last night, mind keeps wandering to how satisfying sitting back in my office chair would be while snapping close my can.

      I am bigger than a can.

      1. Chris if you can make it over day 3 you are on your way out, just watch out, after those 3 days you will have to fight yourself not to go buy another can. Easy as that, but the mind games will get you if you don’t get a hold of yourself. Good luck Brother, come and post back if you made it.

    2. man i am only 16 but ive been doing it for about 4 years a while back i relized the mental toughness i had being an ahlete it makes hou push your self to extreme limits anywaysbi relized that if i could play through a game and see our championship title just taunting me and forc my self to give it everything i have just fot a shot that i he the power to do anythimg i set my mind to ive been 2months without adip now and its really hard m dad dips so its hard not to just sneak a pinch but everytime i just remind myself of pushing for and getting closer to that championship

  13. Bought my last can today. I started smoking at age 17 and in the process picked up chewing. Have been strictly chewing since I was 19. I am now 26. It is my go to in order to relax. Im a Veteran of the armed forces and I am a law enforcement officer. It just seems easier to throw a dip in rather than deal with the stress. Hoping I can finally kick this habit

    1. You found the right place for support. There is no “hoping” to quit. You just have to do it. One day at a time. I’m a vet too. Did a couple of tours in the sandbox….After awhile you’ll realize there’s better ways to relax. Hang in there

  14. Hi I’m Dylan I have been chewing since I was 16 I first started chewing because being a a teenager I was natural attracted to new things my dad has chewed for over 30 years and I have for around 3 years now I came to this site because I was looking to figure out if it was normal to not be capping after only 3 days off the can when I normally take a healthy duce every day there are a multitude of things that are driving me to quit recently I went to the dentist and they could tell I had been chewing because the gums on my front 2 teeth on the bottom we almost gone. (Anyone know if they will grow back) another reason my gf told me she would blaim herself if I would ever have something wrong with my gums because of chewing because she bought for me for around 1 year before I turned 18 another reason is I have recently been sick with strep and didn’t crave a chew in the day and a haft I was sick this made me think I csn get through this any words of advice would help greatly thanks

  15. Just a tip, I mix molasses that you guy in the cooking aisle at a grocery store with Wintergreen Bacc Off in the can and it helps keep it moist and keeps ya spitting! That’s from a 20 year plus former Copenhagen snuff user who has been tobacco free for over two years. I recommend going cold turkey for two weeks and then giving this stuff a try. If you can go that long without the real thing, this stuff will be the next best thing (if you mix it with molasses) and keep you from turning back to the darkside.

    Beware any fake chew containing Pueraria if you consume alcohol. I was chewing Hooch once and had a few beers and was completely out of it. It is used in Asian countries to treat alcoholism because if you ingest the Pueraria, your body can[t handle the alcohol. Smokey Mountain also began putting it in their product about 1 1/2 years ago.

  16. Quit date set for tonight I’ve tried quitting to many times to count I always go a couple of days then break and I knew I had to try something different so i came here

  17. Anyone interested in a homework assignment? Get atleast one person to make the leap by Friday 12/12/12. And katc. I’m not to good at this website yet. So idk if there is a way to start a group or something for this.
    Corey day 4

  18. Day 90
    Well I posted my comment where I usually do, but today I felt adventurous and wanted to explore the live chat, since I have 90days under my belt and all. Well, I say, Saturday nights are not the best time to log in there. My experience was brief and rather uncomfortable. There was only one guy and left rather quickly after a few chat lines. Other people jumped in and left right away. I have been in other chat rooms where little nerds and teeny dudes do the same, I figured this is a serious site for mostly older mature dudes, but I guess my timing was wrong or there is no difference in all chat rooms. Anyway I’ll stick with the comments area.

  19. Haven’t had a dip in 19 days, was a can a day for over 10 yrs. I’m 27 yo and I started vaping/Ecig the day I quit. Started with a high nicotine Ecig but cut it in half after a week. Still have all symptoms of quitting dipping, but the Ecig does help. I wonder if I am still just prolonging all of the side effects by still consuming low doses of nicotine? Going to try and quit the Ecig tomorrow..

  20. I quit just a couple of days ago on July 24th. Already been hell. Short fused towards my girlfriend and I’m eating everything in site. But I need to do this.

    1. Welcome aboard Dalton – we share a quit date (July 24th) though I just celebrated 8 years of freedom. You CAN do this. Let us know how we can help!

  21. im thinking of quitting, but i have been chewing since i was 14 and im 26 now, i started chewing more when i was deployed to afghanistan, because it was extremly stressful and the nicotine helped. i cant go more then a few hours without having a chew in, and i go through about two to three cans of grizzly chew a day. i want to quit but im kinda scared to go through the withdraws specially since i have extreme anger issues and ptsd issues, i am on meds for thar stuff but the nicotine is also part of what keeps me sane…idk what to do help

  22. Took a break from New Years and caved on the 13th due to some heavy drinking. Tossed the can away in the morning and read a lot on this site and I am serious about my quit so I am going to not drink for 50 days.3 days quit

  23. Just joined today. I am not sure how to get the most out of this site. I am into my 4th day. Upper shoulder pain and gas are my worst enemies. Also I go back to work tomorrow so there will be new triggers to be confronted. Any suggestions would help

  24. 5 minutes into my quit…so far so good. How do I join a quit group because I’m pretty confident this isn’t gonna be pretty

  25. Ive been chewing for only 2 years im only 14 starting to quit tomorrow and im scared of like anger toward friends and family just stick to it and quit

  26. 60-days quit thanks to KTC. I’ve received lot of ideas and motivation from reading posts on this site. Cravings are still there but the 100 day what to expect chart is very helpful. It’s amazing how little doctors even know about this crap we put in our mouths. They think we’re insane when we put 3 21mg patches on our shoulders to feel normal.

    That’s why we must be strait soldiers and rely on ourselves and the strong brothers who are quit on this site. Respect yourself and stay strong and quit.

    Danny O. SF CA


    1. I am going through the same thing. The gas is killing me. My wife was scared of me a couple of days ago. But I am better now.

    1. Ive been chewing a can a day for 41 years…I want to quit. I spit it out at 11:09…I’ve gone 39 minutes…lol

      1. Great job Joe! I was at 2 a day of Copenhagen fine cut…The black tar heroin of dip… I’m on day 20…You can do it brother..,

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