2012 HOF Speeches

I Am No Better Than You Are – My HOF Speech

KTC Logo SepiaFirst off my name is DAG and I am an addict! I am here writing my HOF speech as if I was some fearless badass that did something great…Well I didn’t do anything great. It’s only been 100 fucking days of quit compared to the 4,380 days in the hole that I gave to the nic bitch. I have a lot of life to make up. Now if you’re wondering if you should make the BIG decision to quit, then my friend you should! To be completely honest the first week sucked dick. I was pacing around my house every night and yes I even cried. I did the seeds, jerky, and my fave….ATOMIC FIREBALLS (if you wanted to know my secret tools). I have said it before and I will say it again this website is to be used as a tool to quit……. just like gum, seeds, jerky, etc. Just come in to chat when you want to get out some rage and post everyday. Use this stupid fucking website everyday and it WILL help you quit! Thats it……simple…..I use this website for what it is intended for and ask around when I was here in my first week everyone knew how pissed off I was…. ALL THE TIME. Some people actually liked it when I would rage hard on them, they would make a joke and then I would laugh it off. What a great way to quit! I want to thank a lot of peeps out there but I cant remember all their names, but I know it is very important to give credit where credit is due so here we go………….. Mthomas-I told this faggot on my first time here on chat that I had nic gum in my mouth and he was the first one to tell me to spit it out and he called me a pussy. Seth was always posting with me(Good looking out foo). Thanks to dsloinit for texting me funny shit(a video of him dumping a can in the crapper)….Ghey Bruce(THATS IT)..BWB…and even Timeless that stupid fucking poser doctor he is. This 100 days is only the beginning and thats how everyone in here should look at it….no matter how many days you have in, it doesn’t fucking matter….YOU ARE AN ADDICT AND ALWAYS WILL BE…the best thing to do is stay on this site and post everyday until society gets rid of the internet(thats a long quit)hahahaha!….remember no NIC just dick! Stay Quit.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DAG

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