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I Keep Finding Sores In My Mouth That I Didn’t Have When I Was Dipping. What’s Causing Them?

Sore JawFranPro’s Response
First off, I am not a doctor and I do not pretend to know all about oral cancer and sores! What I can tell you based on personal and gathered experience from this site is this; you will go through a ton of changes in your body when you quit. The PH level in your mouth has been altered by your bad habit of dipping, so going through the natural healing process the mouth is adjusting the PH level back to where it should have been for _____ of years. This healing process can produce sores in your mouth that should only last a few days. Also, by adding sunflower seeds and gum to your 20 hour routine will all irritate your mouth and may cause sores as well.

Note: Any sore lasting more than 1 week needs to be checked out by a dentist or a doctor. This is serious shit and should not be taken lightly! You want to know why? Check this out:

outdoortexan – Smokeless Tobacco and My Cancer

Yep, serious shit! That is why you quit. Have any questions? Just look up Outdoortexan on this site and he will tell you the plain truth about oral cancer!

So bottom line is that you will be going through some healing when you quit, some people will develop sores in their mouth for a short time and that is normal. Keep a eye on every sore in your mouth and if it lasts for more than a week have it checked out by a professional.

SOS’s Response
First and foremost, calm down. Secondly, you probably did have them, but the demon had such a hold on you and your mental state that she was able to convince you to just not look! You know, the old “what you can’t see won’t hurt you” mentality. Guess what, more often than not you will find that the sore you see is normal and even people who have never touched tobacco experience the same things. Give it a little time, after several days they will generally go away. Personally speaking, there are a couple of things which cause little sores in my mouth. The main reason being stress. Every time I get majorly stressed over a situation, I get canker sores. Once the stress passes, they go away. And we all know that there can be major stress during your initial quit stages, so don’t panic. Another reason may be cheek biting. Some people do this while placed in a nervous situation, or may do it all the time and just not realize it.

Of course, if a sore sticks around for more than a couple of weeks, it may be worth having it checked by a professional. And if you can’t handle waiting, then by all means have it checked out for peace of mind. But do not feel alone. We have all gone through this and some still do. It is the nature of the beast after you finally Kill the can.

Chewie wrote about the topic of canker sores
Canker Sores – In The Mind of a Former Dipper

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3 years ago

My boyfriend is quitting zyn pouches. He’s gone four full days without any kind of Nicotine or pouch but now has a sore on the inside of his cheek. He put some numbing medicine on it the other day and his whole side of his face is swollen. We’ve put ice on it and it seems to be helping with the swelling and pain but is this something we should be a little more worried about?

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