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Ingredients In Zyn

Ingredients In Zyn
Senator Schumer Urges FTC FDA To Investigate ZYN For Marketing & Health Concerns Related To Kids. January 21, 2024, New York, New York, USA: Senate Majority Leader, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — Photo by thenews2.com

I got asked the other day in a YouTube comment about the ingredients in ZYN. Since I was never a ZYN user I didn’t know the answer. I went digging and found the answer directly from the ZYN website:

ZYN Ingredients

In addition to nicotine salt, ZYN contains only food-grade ingredients. These include a granulation agent, fillers, pH balancers, sweeteners and flavorings. Here’s a more detailed breakdown:

  • NICOTINE SALT (Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate): A pharmaceutical-grade version of the same nicotine salt found naturally in plants used to deliver real nicotine satisfaction.
  • STABILIZERS (Hydroxypropyl cellulose): A plant-based food additive used to maintain pouch consistency.
  • FILLERS (Micro crystalline cellulose, maltitol, and gum arabic): Ingredients used to add bulk to each pouch. Commonly found in chewing gum.
  • pH ADJUSTERS (Sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate): Minerals used in baked goods to help adjust pH levels.
  • SWEETENERS (Acesulfame K): Sugar substitute often used in beverages and confections as a flavor enhance

Source: https://us.zyn.com/questions/

So there you have it… presented without comment, directly from the source.

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