2009 HOF Speeches

I’m ChewedOut!!!

KillTheCan LogoLiterally , I was CHEWED OUT when I got here .

25 years of dippin, chewin, chawin, smokin & token had ruined my teeth & gums . 4 years ago I even had to get dentures because my front bottom teeth were almost gone (I continued to dip thru the whole tooth removal process)

Then I found a white spot that wasn’t going away and went to the dentist . It turned out to be leukoplakia and although it wasn’t cancerous , it could potentially turn cancerous .

That was it , I was sick of the problems tobacco had caused me .

After thumbing thru several websites I found this place and quickly embraced it, pledging my loyalty and devotion to make this work . And it has worked . And it will work for you too if you want it bad enough !!

And after 100 days that white spot is gone and my gums and inside lip has returned to a nice healthy pink color , and food taste great !!

Thank you KTC and Chewie and to my September 2009 support group . I love you guys !! –  ChewedOut

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ChewedOut

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