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Jack the Addict – Start Sooner

KTC Logo BlueHello, My name is Jack and I am an addict. I am a nic addict and will always be. I can never have “Just 1”. I struggle with the fact that I have a personal weakness that makes me an addict but revel in the fact that I quit today. There were people that doubted my resolve. Much love to April 12 and some vets for having my back. QLF. I had my doubts in the early days. She is an evil temptress. This is my story.

Jack the User

Hello, my name is Jack and I am a user with no shame or compunction. I am a dippers dipper and a users user. I have worked in the tobacco fields my entire life. My family can trace our tobacco farming back at least 5 generations. I use to seed, weed, top, cut, hang, strip, and haul tobacco. At 14, I paid my first taxes for a job taking the pollen seeds out of the tobacco plants in Kentucky. I have seen the devastation of nicotine poisoning, and it did not have an effect on me. I could work shirtless in the tobacco fields and feel no harmful affects. Other men twice my age would fall out. It is an extremely serious illness. I did not care. I started using in 1989. I never had to be a ninja dipper because I was surrounded by dippers. ust changed the formula and I went to a minimum of 2 cans a day.

Jack the Quitter

January 22nd, 2012 at 1530 EST, I spit out my last dip. There were some guys at work that made a bet and didn’t last 3 days. F them. I can make it longer than that. The fog is real and it sucks. I cried a few times. I hadn’t cried in years before that. I wanted to fight Nuns just because they are so damn friendly. Kick puppies.

Day 20 something Who are these peckers attacking my group? I don’t want these damn vets in here. CNC, NOLAQ, WP, and Coach Doc can kiss my ass. I am 40 years old and they are talking about the sanctity of the quit and the site. What did these peckers do before the internet? Sanctity my ass.

Day 50 something-CNC saved me from myself. Maybe these vets have something to say. They have been quit longer than I have been quit. Thanks for your help gentlemen.

Day 80 something-April 12 saved my life. That was a nasty funk and QLF pulled me through. That is when I drank the kool aid. Learn from my example and drink your kool aid much sooner. Thanks for the help sexcavators. QLF

I have to send some serious love to the VETS and April 12. In this entire HOF speech, I cannot forget Jake and how he scared the cave out of me. Cbird kept me here with the first pm and the sandbox. Don’t get hurt if I didn’t mention you. I have written more than I should have. Am I considered a vet now? Can I try and make logical points to people that are stuck in an illogical state of mind?

“Forbid it Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” Patrick Henry. I have the desire for liberty now. I only desire death for fleeting moments. Day 103 and Liberty reigns. QLF (Coach Steve) I am no longer tethered to the can for the 0300 wake up call and can shake. I have the liberty to go to the movies and not waste a Coke just to spit in the straw. I have the liberty to walk on a windy day and not have a wonderfully stained goatee. I have the liberty to drink from a bottle and not worry about the contents. I know Patrick was speaking about the Brits. I chose liberty over death but I am still defending from the attacks. It does get better. Peace, TJ feel free to PM me when you struggle. If we don’t all hang together, we will all hang separately. P. Henry said that also.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member texasjack81

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