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KillTheCan Logo100 days ago I woke up and wanted a dip of snuff. The only difference in that day and today is I have learned that I can make it through the day without it.

My journey down the yellow tooth road began when I was 18 and not smart enough to know what addiction is. All my buddies were doing it so I figured hell I am in. STUPID STUPID Boy. Over the next 15 years there were many quit attempts, of course to quit I would buy cigs. Needless to say that didn’t work.

Seven years ago I met an unbelievable woman with an equally amazing 4 year old son. He always asked what was in my mouth, all I could say was ” it is yucky don’t ever use it”. Well 3 years later came the first promise. We were going to have a little girl and I was going to quit after she was born. Not only did I not quit, but the delivery nurse asked if I had a growth on my jaw because every time she came in the room I had a dip of snuff in. Two years later, yep time for another broken promise, a little boy. I will quit this time wife, I promise. That one worked out about like all the others.

At this point my oldest is 11 and I am his coach in EVERYTHING. Him and his friends see me dip snuff all the time , they see their fathers dip snuff all the time. What a great example we are setting.

So 100 days ago I am sitting at work trying to avoid actually working and I stumble on this sight. I had a dip of snuff in my mouth at the time. I am not sure why but I just thought to myself, ” I should try and go the rest of the day at work without a dip of snuff”. So I spit out my snuff and looked around the sight. The next thing I know I had made it about 24 hours without anything. Then I see there is a forum, well hell I am at work and need something to do , so I will go into the forum. This is where my quit grew and put down roots. MXD, Timmay, Jpine, Rollinheavy, Fizzle, SLug, Theo, BBJ, poorboy you guys were my examples and helped me make it through those first 2 horrible weeks.
It was the opening of deer season and I was sitting in a deer blind at 6:30 in the morning and my phone blows up with text messages from MXD are you quit? stay strong! The accountability I found with this sight was an unbelievable crutch to use until I could stand on my own feet. I would also like to throw a giant thanks out to Davids Sunflower Seeds haha they saved me.

I have seen my fellow February brothers struggle and fight for 100 days to gain their freedom, and I must say what a helluva group to be associated with. Even when a brother caved he was soundly ripped then encouraged again to quit. I take great pride in calling you my quit brothers.

If your reading this and have not made the great decision to quit do not let your fear hold you back. You CAN DO THIS. You are strong enough.

Tobacco companies do not need to advertise when we do it for them every time our children see us put that crap in our mouth. WE are to blame for the next generation of tobacco users. It is OUR responsibility to help those that are fighting the nic bitch. Take someone under your wing and help them become a brother.

100 days ago I woke and wanted a dip of snuff. The only difference in that day and today is today I know I do not need that crap to make it through the day.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jbintex

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