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Once An Addict, Always An Addict

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I guess it’s a baseball thing. Well for me it was since I grew up around the can with my idols doing it, I thought it was cool. I’m from Australia, had my first dip when I was 15 and never looked back. They don’t sell dip in Australia, so I either had to get my baseball buddies to send it to me, or get my brother to send it to me who also played baseball here. That shit got expensive, but the bitch decided that it was perfectly fine spending thousands on getting it sent to Australia.

19 years old and I received a scholarship to Kansas City Kansas Community College. I moved here and seeing all the dip in the stores was awesome, like a kid in a candy store. My coach was on day 300 or something of his quit. I envied this, but I had made up my mind that I’d never quit. My coach is ‘CoachDip’ (Member of the April 2007 HOF group). I didn’t find out that until I was into day 40, and received endless support from him from day 1. Thanks Coach Stambo!!
I continued to dip the 2 years at KCKCC, then into my year at the University of North Alabama, then the fall of my senior year at Tennessee Wesleyan College.

I hadn’t seen a dentist in 3 years, so December 19 2011 I decided it was time. Here came the nightmare that came true. I had been referred to see an oral surgeon with what was thought to be cancer in my gums. Thinking like a hard headed know it all, I continued to dip for another 3 days until my mom called me telling me I had an appointment to see the surgeon and a biopsy would be performed. I was with my dad at the time, I was beside myself and threw my can out the window and promised it would be my last dip. I held true to my word BUT with the lack of knowledge decided it would be okay to chew Nicorette gum. The WORST idea I had, it prolonged my withdrawals, and just kept the bitch lurking on my shoulder.

Continually seeking help, I looked through google and came across KTC. Lurked for a day or two, and decided to join. I was welcomed, the rules were laid out, and endless support was given. I read everything I could, used all resources possible and reached out when I could. The first 5 days were awful, I nutted up and got by. Day 10, I was stronger than the world and didn’t need any help at all. WRONG! I was forced to stay close and was brought back to ground zero by Wastepanel (thanks bro). Again at day 70 I had a rough day at the ball park, I got back on the bus and experienced craves that were the most intense cravings I had experienced to date. I sent Ric and Wastepanel a text messaged and received a call from both of them within minutes. They both ensured it will pass, made sure I was settled and let me continue.

There is one thing with my quit that I found has been the hardest. That is I am in my senior year of college baseball. Of the 24 players, 4 coaches and 1 trainer; 18 of them dipped or chewed. I live with 2 team mates who dip, and have played 57 games without one. We travelled into 5 states, countless hours on a bus, and many nights spent in hotels talking shit with my team mates who have a dip in. It made my quit stronger in the long run, however, I found I had to remove myself from some situations when possible to protect my quit in the early days. My point is, if you think you can’t quit because of your situation, you’re cheating yourself. With the right support, and a strong mind, you can do anything you want..!! I made sure everyone around me knew I was quit. That was the most important part. My team mates and coaches respected it. I was often asked how many days quit I was and they continually encouraged me. Sure, I got the dogs that liked to put in a dip in front of me, but a smile and a quiet word in their ear, they got the drift.

Last I want to thank:

You have all kept me here, made my quit stronger everyday, and kept me accountable for my quit..
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the B.O.M.B’s into the HOF, stay quit brothers!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member djr2

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