2015 HOF Speeches

Reflection On Day 101

sowilliams avatarOne of my good buddies was a dipper too. He often talked about wanting to quit but I always said I did not want to quit. I just said I enjoyed it too much. This was while I had my head stuck in the sand and completely ignored the dangers of nicotine and the hold it had on me.

Anyway, when my wife asked me to quit and I complied, I called him the next day to let him know. He was all excited and said he was quitting too. Same day I found this site and signed up. I let him know about it too but he said he didn’t need it (I think he thought it was un-cool). Guess what, he couldn’t do it, he’s still dipping.

I didn’t really think I needed KTC myself at first. I kind of thought of it as a novelty. But I learned a lot on this forum and from the people hear. Mainly I learned to quit for myself, which wasn’t real hard after reading about the dangers of dipping on this site. I truly didn’t realize how bad that stuff is because I would never allow myself to look into it. Every time my wife would give me anything on the dangers of smokeless tobacco I would throw it straight in the trash. I didn’t want to know. Also, after a few days quit I found out just what a hold nicotine had on me and I really didn’t like that feeling, that something could control me that way.

Bottom line is this site is phenomenal. This site and the people here are saving lives!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sowilliams

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