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Things Every Quitter Should Know

KTC Logo PurpleHeya Quitches! I never did the intro thread, so I’m combining that with my HOF speech. Sorry if it runs long.

When we were little kids watching cartoons on Saturday (maybe 7 years old) morning my friends dad used to give us all a pinch of Copenhagen and we would see who could keep it in the longest before it burned and we took it out. When I was 13 I started dipping regularly to be cool I guess. By 15 I was dipping every day and could “gut” my spit to avoid getting caught in class and at home. Over the next 22 years I dipped countless cans (even quit a few times for 3 years, 1.5 years, and 11 months before finding killthecan.org).

I used to be upset with all of the resources for smokers (hypnotism, nicorrette gum, countless programs to quit smoking, etc.) and the fact there was nothing out there for dippers and chewers. Now that we have a resource that is tailored to our needs I realized something. Most of the stuff out there to help smokers quit is complete bullshit. There is a ton of stuff to coddle them and help them quit, but nothing out there that just comes right out and says “you want to quit: man up and quit using tobacco, create some accountability, have a plan for when things are tough, and just fucking quit.”

Everybody’s quit is unique to their special circumstances, but when you break it down, they all have similar components:

  • You had rough times and wanted a dip (someone out there had it rougher – EVERY time)
  • You’ve been doing it for a long time and a lot every day (it’s an addiction, of course you shoved as much poison in your piehole as you could)
  • You worried about some dip-related health issue (maybe it was a strange pain in your mouth/throat or maybe it was doctor diagnosing you with cancer)
  • You had a hard time accomplishing things when you first quit (maybe you couldn’t focus on your work, maybe you had a bad temper, maybe you did a bad job at work AND told your boss to fuck off)

Eventually after hanging around on this site, you start to see why you failed in your quits before. Whether it was complacency in your quit, not realizing that having a cigar once in a while was sending you back to day one all over again, not having accountability with anybody, not realizing that a dip during bad times wasn’t going to actually HELP anything, or likely it was a combination of these factors.
So here is a summary of what you need to know around here:

  • Forget about people who are assholes around here. Most people are cool and will help you quit. Don’t let some ass clown fuck up your quit.
  • Use your quit group. Post roll, make friends, build accountability.
  • Chewing does not solve any problems. It just adds to the list.
  • Know your triggers and have a plan for dealing with them in advance.
  • You need to read everything you can off the main page. Arm yourself with knowledge.
  • Only once has anybody ever said after 100 days quit “I wish I would have waited to start my quit.” It was me and I was being sarcastic.
  • Use your phone numbers if you need to. People will forgive you quickly for calling late at night for support. It takes a much longer time to earn trust and forgiveness after a cave.
  • Kicking a person when they are down is not helping. When a brother falls and admits it, give them credit. They could have lied or just disappeared. After the initial text beat down, give them your support if they are getting back on their feet.
  • Only a caver keeps cans laying around after he/she quits.
  • Don’t get complacent in your quit. Stay close to the site and watch the new quitters. Give them help and be thankful they are there to remind you why you do not want to EVER go back to day one.
  • It’s ok to vent in chat and blow off steam. Don’t take it out on your wife/kids/boss, etc. If someone is an asshole in chat, understand that they may need to vent and we are here for them. If you are venting in chat after being quit for a year, it’s not dip rage, your probably just a dick. You are quit dick, so we’ll let it go for the most part.
  • Accidental caves are not accidents. You need to be strong and plan ahead. Can’t control yourself drinking? Don’t drink until your quit is stronger or quit altogether. Bored and thinking of dipping, buy some gum, seeds, fake stuff. Tragedy in your family? Plan how you will deal with tragedy BEFORE it happens. Think of a worst case scenario and work through how to deal with it without dipping.
  • Killthecan.org will give you a ton of resources. In the end, we all decide on our own if we are quit and will remain quit. But helping your buddies sure as hell doesn’t hurt that decision.

Now look at the last set of bullet points (starting with “Forget . . . . “). Take the first letter of each bullet point to reveal the secret message.

In closing, I want to thank the beautiful Mrs. Nodiak for her support. She understood my crankiness early in my quit and did not nag me to quit, but only asked that I consider it for health purposes. I also want to thank some of the people that helped me reach 100 days and beyond. If I leave you off the list, I’m sorry and please know that I’m grateful to you as well: SamCat, Franpro, Chewie, MxD, Pinch, SCM, Pista, RJ, jpcrew, theo, hoss, MDG, Redtrain, Enough, Fizzle, flashman (thanks for taking over the train).

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Nodiak

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