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2nd HOF Much Harder Than 1st HOF

Hall of Fame KTC 5I’m not one to write a bunch of gobbledygook fairy tale stories, the ones that blow a cool breeze up your skirt that make your balls feel all tingly.

What I will tell you is that quitting Nicotine Sucks! Yep, it sucks bad. Every damn time we try to quit it sucks. Sooner or later you will have to Say No More. Embrace that suck and join KTC here and rage with your quit brothers (& sisters now). I have reached this magical 100 day HOF twice now. Trust me, it really is just another day to remain quit. We wake up every day and promise to remain quit to yourself and your group. Why twice for Me? because I pissed a 5+ yr Quit away and started dipping again. Kept at it for 9 more years before I had to quit again. Yes I said HAD to. I really wasn’t thinking about quitting yet. I enjoyed my copenhagen. I was told by my surgeon that he would NOT perform my spinal fusion unless I passed a nicotine test. WTF?? Well Fuck, now I have a good excuse to quit again. But man did it suck. I knew coming back was the only way to go but I knew I was going to take a lot of shit. And boy did I. I tried being the tough guy for a week but eventually realized I was only lying to myself and I needed to come clean with everyone. I’m old, almost 50 as of this date. I don’t get as involved as a lot of the younger ones do. It is kinda cool sitting back watching a bunch of them as they took over helping others in the group. Honestly….they were only helping themselves deal with the rage. It’s what KTC is all about. Trust me, I was here from Day 1 when KTC was created. The site used to post your member # somewhere, I was #17. Yes we were all carry over from the original Quit Smokeless website created by Matt VanWyck. So I needed to give a shout out to Matt.

I need to call out a few others, some know they helped me, some probably don’t.  In the first week when I was getting hammered for being a Dick guys like Docpac reached out with a few words saying to hang in there. It meant a lot. But the biggest was of course Bug Guy (Steve). Man we had some words. Thank you. It kept me going. Then along came the rest, BTreno, Crux, Muleman, SkolVikings(suck), RVWade and of course NorthEastRancher-Matt. Matt and Tyler kept me laughing with all their shenanigans. And my HOF quit day buddy Derrtyone-Jerrid.

This site isn’t for everyone. Hell we had a member puss out a few days before his HOF. I think he caved but he texts others saying he is quit but the constant harassment to WUPP is too much. Give me a fuckin break.

If you are Tough enough to put Tobacco in your mouth then you can handle KTC. You will Quit if you play along. I promise!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member SteveJCootie

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  1. Let me throw a few 3.3k days quit advise at you… and I didn’t read every word you wrote.

    Quitting nicotine does not suck. It’s fucking awesome. Imagine catching the throat or stomach cancers… no thanks. Quitting is amazing.

    What you meant to say is that quitting is fucking hard…

    Be careful how you view things and verbalize them because it gets in your head. When you hear us speak of “romanticizing” the nicotine it starts the way your words just did about it “sucking” to quit.

    That doesn’t mean to say I am doubting your quit resolve but that when you are not speaking over the nic bitch voice she is still taking up real estate in your brain.

    Again, quitting the nic bitch DOES NOT SUCK! It kicks ASS to break free. It is however, amazingly difficult. But guess what? 3k plus days later J haven’t touched it.

    And all of you are stronger than me

    1. Can a day for 40 years. Be 6 months tobacco free on 6/12/20. Been a bitch to kick and I still think about it on a daily basis. When I first quit I thought about it on a minute by minute basis. The point being there is light on the other side and I am happy to be free. Good advise above! Mind your thoughts for they become actions, mind your actions because they become habits, mind your habits because they become your future. Good luck!

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