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How To Handle Day One – Your First Day Quitting Dip

Day 1

I’ve gotten several questions lately about how to actually start your quit. What does that first day off tobacco look and feel like? What can you expect. Well, I posted these questions to our community and got some TREMENDOUS feedback. Here’s what your fellow QUITTERS had to say!

    • Rule 1 for Day 1: Don’t worry about Day 2. Or minute 2
    • Get on the site or here and READ READ READ.
    • No shame asking for help. Or telling people you’re struggling.
    • Stay the fuck away from convenience stores! Especially when gassing up pay at the pump!
    • Talk to your family, friends, etc. Tell them shit might get scary for a while.
    • Day 1. Just make it through the fucking day without losing your shit.
    • Find a healthy outlet to lose your shit. Chat was instrumental for me.
    • Get connected with others here.
    • I don’t thing enough can be said about embracing the suck. You need to know Day 1 is going to suck. Embrace it, laugh at it, go outside and scream at it. Instead of kissing your wife or SO goodbye in the morning, have them kick you in the nads and start the day off right.
    • Burn your hate and rage as fuel! Go to bed early.
    • Honestly… The promise should be every hour on the first day. Day 2 through day 5 should be every 5 hours.
    • Quit by minutes if you need. Quit by the HR. They gonna keeping stacking up like bricks. You can do this! You deserve this! You WILL do this!
    • 1. Admit that you’re an addict. 2. You are not a special butterfly. 3. This QUIT works only if you do the work 4. Create a group of quitters that you will hold accountable and will help hold you accountable.
    • Just get through the next second/minute/hour/day … don’t think about quitting “forever” – just today because you won’t believe you can do it forever and throw in the the towel when the going gets rough… and EAT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT if you have to …don’t worry about gaining some LBS … you’ll lose them when you are over the hump
    • Day 1 should be the best day because you’ve finally decided to get well. You’ve made an incredibly hard choice to quit something that has become part of who you think you are. Within hours there is likely some self doubt, some justifying why you should maybe quit tomorrow, and a general feeling of malaise. It’s at this point that you bear down and don’t give in to your addicted self and embrace your quit. Don’t be an asshole to anyone as it’s not their fault you became addicted to something that can’t love you back. Just do whatever the hell it is you need to do to stay off of that nasty shit. Run, eat, phone a friend, reach out on here to literally anyone, and just know you are on the right path. Embrace the suck and revel in knowing it won’t last forever. The other side is euphoria!
    • No one can quit for you. Not even @EdT3329 (Nov ‘21). The only way you’ll stay quit on this site is by buying into the system. It does seem silly to be posting a number (your promise not to use for the day) and exchanging numbers with strangers. Just get over it and do it. It works. You’ll see.
    • Burn your fucking boats. Tell anyone and everyone whose respect you value. Make it painful to go back. And ask for help, it takes strength to acknowledge you need someone else to help you, not weakness. Get digits, a bunch. Make some calls, get to know a few folks. It w increases accountability.
    • For me, I set a day a few weeks before and told anyone who would listen that I was going to quit. I needed accountability and my own pride working for me. I chose a Friday and knew I wouldn’t be working much that day. I took my kid to school, came home and got right back in bed. For me, I always felt that if I could get through one friggin day, just one, then I could do this. So I did everything I could to get that one. I slept a lot.
    • Watch your triggers, post roll, collect numbers, come here and cuss us all day! I know on day one that everything is a trigger so hunker down and get through tonight. you got this! If i can do it, anyone can!!
    • Write a bunch at first, you wont remember half the shit. Ask for numbers. Any person that posts in your group, will be more than happy to give you their number. Practice with them too, if you get numbers and never text anything, you aren’t going do anything with them when you’re about to cave.
    • Pound water and vitamin C. Visualize your body pissing out the poison nicotine. Physical withdrawal is not fun, so it helped me to really meditate on all that unpleasantness as my body throwing out the poison. Ah reading other posts reminds me it’s helpful to get a sweat going too. Exercise if you do, if not maybe sauna. Again feel the poison come out through your skin and know each minute of agony is your body purifying itself.
    • Agree with everything said here. Personally, day 1 was never a huge issue for me… I did it hundreds of times. Just taking a day off is easy if you know in your heart you’ve got a fix coming again soon.
    • Day 1 is great until 9 or 10am. You feel super strong, and then that first craving hits, and the lie that you’ll never feel good again pummels your mind. Be sure to post on KTC, and take a sick-day (or three) if you can. What helped me was to TELL SOMEONE in your direct vicinity that you’re quitting, so that you have immediate accountability. They won’t believe you. Prove then wrong. Also, “long, slow cardio” is your friend. A long walk, long run, long workout, whatever. Just get out and DO SOMETHING that gets your heart rate up. And, just quit for that day. Then, do the same thing tomorrow. I just posted 1207, I’m a one-and-done quitter, and that’s how I quit.
    • Taking some sick days is a stellar idea if you can. Not like you’re going to be productive anyways.
    • My quit was a thursday night, with Friday being half a day, going into a 3 day weekend. Made it easier knowing I could just isolate myself and not have to deal with people. So long as I made it through ~6hrs of work on friday. Not that I really had it planned. I probably spent a year or two telling myself I’m cutting back or x is my quit date, it all kept getting pushed.

Bottom line… quitting can be scary and we understand that. But know that you will NOT be alone. When you’re ready to make your decision to quit JOIN US. You’ll be glad you did.

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