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A Quit Worldview – Wisdom From Skoal Monster

Skoal Monster avatarFear and shame fade.

Hold onto the memory of how badly you wanted to quit.
Remember all the broken promises, all the failed attempts, all the prayers and gimmicks and lies. Remember all the false starts all the resolutions. Remember the hundreds and thousands of “tomorrows” .

Congratulate yourself on every victory but be patient.
Hold onto your freedom. Enjoy not being tethered to a can.
Savor the absence of nagging fear.
Celebrate longer life, better health, stronger relationships.

Let go of your expectations around quitting. Just Quit
Accept all the craves, the mood swings, the anxiety, the withdrawals.
Like waves they will crash in then recede back to calm.

Life will still be harsh.Expect that. Addiction only compounds the problem.

No reason is good enough to sell your soul, the climbs too hard to throw away.

Quitting is as simple as you choose to make it. It is the imaginary constructs of your mind that makes it seem difficult.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Skoal Monster

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