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Addiction Is Stronger Than Cancer

Addiction Dictionary

My story starts back in 1997 as a dumb 15 year old, I was offered a dip and wanting to be part of that crowd I took my first dip it burned and made my head spin but i told myself I liked it.

I continued on in my newfound addiction hiding it from family and teachers knowing it was a poison. Nicotine lied to me and said you won’t do this forever you can put me down when you’re ready. I told myself this lie for the next 20 years as I watched family members die from various cancers caused by smoking their whole lives. I was going to be different I could quit whenever I wanted, I wasn’t an addict I just liked they way it tasted

Well 2017 came and i started having strange dreamlike spells so I went to the doctor they ordered a MRI and found a baseball size tumor in my brain  and sept 1st 2017 I had an awake brain surgery to remove it. A couple weeks later after the biopsy I was told it was cancerous, that should have scared me enough to quit right then and there but,  addiction is stronger I continued to dip while recovering in the hospital through the glaring  judgmental looks I got from every doctor.

They looked at me like is this guy dumb he literally just got diagnosed with cancer and is still dipping, I continued to dip like regular through chemo and radiation until 3/10/22 when I decided I was done being a slave to this addiction, unlike times before where I lied to myself and said “ I’m going to try to cut back or quit” I decided I’m quitting and I will not fail this time!

Proud to say I’m almost 5years cancer free now.

Do better for yourself than I did. Today is a great day to quit

Quitting is hard and will suck but join up with the KTC group and get the support and accountability you need from fellow quitters I couldn’t have made it without the June 22 no lip turd herd‘s support!

Quit for yourself today!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member stump2000

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