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After 100 Days – Not Done Yet

First of all I would like to thank Chewie and everyone for starting this site. I, like so many others, was searching for something to help the transition from Nic addict to Nic quitter. So thank you KTC you saved my mouth, health, and life.

The bad ass below me on this thread (Erussel) has pulled my butt back onto this site more times than I can remember. Whenever I was too lazy or busy to post Erus was hitting me up with texts wondering WTF. Brother, you are more inspiring then you will ever know. Thank you.

I knew from the beginning of my smoking days that I should not have been doing it, but it was soooo easy to do when you have friends either chewing or smoking or both. As a kid I always played sports, and being a smoker who played sports year round, it was tough to stay in shape. Then my 16 yr old brain had a Bright Idea if I chewed instead of smoking I could save my lungs, be in great shape, and still catch my “buzz”. So F-ing dumb!

I tried countless times to just “quit”!! I had some successes, or so I thought. I’d go strong a couple/few months, then get drunk with my rugby buddies and start chewing again. I’d get sick of chewing and “quit” years later, but of course the same thing would happen. I couldn’t go ______________ (snowboarding, golfing, poker, etc) without having a couple smokes, and I’d be a smoker by the end of the night. I was completely blind to the fact that an ADDICT CANNOT HAVE JUST ONE!! I had ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY when I would quit on my own. That’s where this site comes in. If I give my word to others, there is no way I can Fail.

I love the fact that I went from being addicted to cope, skoal, marlbros, and camels, to jerky, gum, cranberry juice, and seeds, to being addicted to NOTHING! It is not an easy thing to quit at first, but remembering everyday WHY YOU QUIT helps makes the cravings pass easier. NAFAR!

Thanks for listening,

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member flyby

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