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Cancer…… Not Me!

bhfive avatarGrowing up there were 6 people in my family. Dad, Mom, Me, 2 sisters and a little brother. My father had a kidney removed due to cancer, My brother had lymph node cancer( I watched cancer drop my big tough Marine brother to his knees). For now they have both givin cancer a kick to the face. They are winning. My Mother lost her battle with lung cancer in late December. The year and a half she was dying I would ask people why should I quit, what are the odds 4 out if 6 in my family would get cancer? I finally grew up a little and decided I don’t want to find out!

Similar story as the others I have read here. 13 year old makes JR Legion and Dad brings him a pouch of Red Man ” you’re a real ballplayer now” fast forward 2 years and still having an occasional chew but not a habit yet. A good friend hands me a tin of Copenhagen. I put a dip in and LOVE the feeling. End up getting sick and spit dip out all over my bedroom floor. I should have taken the hint but 2 days later, I buy my own Copenhagen and begin my twisted obsession that blossums into a 2 plus can a day habit.

I have quit numerous times. They lengths are varied but all of them ended with” I can have one pinch and still be quit.” We all know what a lie that is. My last unsuccesfull quit, I was a member of KTC but not really involved. I went through the motions. I posted role but not much else. I had no plan, one number but knew I was to proud to use it. After some unexpected stress, I decided I could have a dip or two and remain quit. I stopped posting roll and killed another quit.

Around March 7 TFurrh contacted my about my quit. I was astounded that some stranger cared about my quit. I knew with that kind of support from one member of KTC there had to be a quit for me. I decided on March 9th I WAS DONE and I was going to do it right! I posted roll and started reading all the threads I could. I would laugh constantly at some of the things you crazy people come up with. I decided to post when I felt I had something to say. I really enjoyed following Voldemort and Colonelnocope around in the ” This and That and 3,2,1 word” threads.

I got a few numbers of some June members and would use them if needed. I pm’d them to get to know them a little in case I needed to call. I pm’d MoveForward to get a quit brother who had the same day as me. He was always early and I could tell he would have my back! Knowing he was going through the same crap as me helped my quit!

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you follow the path set by those ahead of you and give 110%. THIS SITE WILL FREE YOU FROM YOUR NASTY HABIT!

I could not have done this without my lovely wife and incredible children. They have been a source of inspiration throughout my quit. The love and support they have givin me could move mountains.

Everybody forgets to thank somebody, so here is my attempt to remember: ( in order of appearance)

Ichewie, Chewless Jim, Tfurrh, Rkymntmn, MoveForward, YammerHammer, Dan the man, Colonelnocope, Voldemort, Mule, Scooterscum, JPCrew and the quiet but effective…. JUNE 2009 quit group!

KTC- Thank you- You have saved my life!

Mom- I love and miss you!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member bhfive

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  1. Thats wonderful to hear .this site have helped me to help my fiance as well .started with the Jake mint chew so far its been keeping him off this horrible Copenhagen .

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