2013 HOF Speeches

Feels Like I Have Been Here Before – Kstampfly’s HOF Speech

KTC Why Are We HereWell this is my second time around getting to the Hall of Fame, the only difference is I am lot more educated and in a better state of mind to tackle the NIC bitch for good. I had written this speech on my last go around but had to make some changes. I don’t want to write this shit again….

I told myself that I wouldn’t cry while typing this, but my tears are now smudging up the keyboard. Not really…in all seriousness, 100 days ago, (it felt like years) I came to this site lost like a Second Lieutenant on his first day being a convoy commander. I did know one thing, and that was I wanted to quit fucking burying myself under mountains of worm shit. I had tried to quit on so many times before with no success at all. I would buy a can, get pissed off and throw it in the trash can, only to be digging around in food scraps a bit later trying to get it back.(This happened on more than one occasion) I was tired of waking up in the morning and going through these same routines every day. Wake up…DIP…take a shit…DIP…brush teeth…DIP…eat…DIP…Go to work…DIP…eat lunch…DIP… come home…DIP… watch TV…DIP…play with my kid…DIP…brush my teeth…DIP…Go to bed…Repeat. One full can of Copenhagen, if not two went into my mouth on a daily basis. I was tired of the bottles full of nasty fucking tobacco spit laying around everywhere, half full cans of coke filled the rest of the way with spit, spit stains on my clothes, little shreds of the shit all over the inside of my brand new truck, breath that smelled like I just tossed Bigfoot’s salad, and most importantly putting my life at risk. Most of you guys already know this shit because you are all addicts just like me.

The KTC site was the first one that popped up when I started searching and that is where I began my journey of quit. I had thrown my last can of dip down the toilet on July 21st, 2012 and that’s when I started reading article after article of success stories, personal experiences and the downright nasty side effects that this drug can cause. I ventured into the chat site as Kstampfly, and that’s when Bruce, ERDVM, and Tsmith 17 started taking me under their wing. That next morning I posted roll for the first time and it became a routine. Well at least for 140 days that is…

Everyone knows my story so I am not going to go into great detail, but the point is I caved after those 140 days. I had let my guard down and those 140 days just went away like Tiger Woods bank account. I made a huge mistake but I knew the only way to fix this problem is to put my tail between my legs and get back on the horse again. So on December 10th, 2012 I began this journey all over again and here I am 100 days going strong. Since that day I have concentrated on myself and my quit and no one else. One of the guys on here said it best “Sometimes you just have to be selfish and quit for yourself, because that is who you really have to answer to each day”. So that’s what I did.

After my cave I began to see the KTC members who believed in me and were willing to give me a second chance. For those that didn’t, well I proved you all wrong. We all make mistakes but the bigger one is always the one who admits they were wrong. I will thank a few veterans who stuck by me and gave me words of encouragement, if I fail to mention you, please feel free to kick me in the testicles shortly after I post this. MORGAN1, BRUCE, ERDVM, CMARK, SIRDEREK, MICH34, ERIC71, SUDS, WASTEPANEL, and also the KTC site in general for holding me accountable. Lastly I thank my wife and my two sons for putting up with me during this rough time but I know they are thankful that I finally put them and my health before chewing tobacco. I want to be on this great fucking earth another day to watch my sons grow up .To anyone out there that thinks this impossible it isn’t. If you are 110% committed to Killing the Can, get that garbage out of your mouth, and get your ass on this site. If you are not committed then the shit I was talking about earlier will be your daily life. You will wish you had done it earlier. ODAAT

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member kstampfly

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