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Got the Big D From Smokeless Tobacco

Got the Big D From Smokeless Tobacco
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Back in February, 2024 I began my quit and prior to joining Kill the Can (KTC) Community on Discord I reviewed a lot of the articles on the KTC web page.  I took note that when a person reached 100 days of beating their addiction it was suggested that they write up a Hall of Fame Speech (HOF).  During my first few weeks of my quit I was having struggles with my body changing and I was having a lot of cravings throughout the days. I remembered the HOF Speech suggestion when you hit 100 days.  For some reason I decided early in my quit that I would start typing up ideas for my HOF Speech. I also realized that putting some thoughts down on paper was helping me with my early struggles.

Well, I ended up typing up 2 ½ pages that contained nothing but a 48-year history of me being addicted to Smokeless Tobacco.  Yes, I will be 60 years of age next month and I started experimenting with chewing snuff when I was around 12 years of age.  Now about 80 days later in my quit, I read those 2 ½ pages about my history with smokeless tobacco and I asked myself why do I want to glorify something that was slowly killing me.  Also, I know that very similar stories would be written by people who have quit or want to quit and decide to write a history about their addiction.  I tore up those 2 ½ pages of my tobacco history.  In this HOF speech, I will be writing just a brief history about my addiction, just so you have a better understanding why I had decided to make a life changing decision in my life.  Yes, I have got the Big D from Smokeless Tobacco. It is all about not taking another Dip of Snuff in my life.

Big D From Smokeless Tobacco

Why is this divorce going to work?  Main reason is because I finally learned how to HATE Smokeless Tobacco after all these years together.  When I say HATE, I mean real HATE, HATE that I never felt before in my life.  I developed this HATE early in my quit when I realized what smokeless tobacco was doing to my body throughout the years.  Prior to my journey with KTC I had many years of false love with Smokeless Tobacco, with Skoal Long Cut Wintergreen being my weakness.  Hell, the following is still written on a wall inside my parents little red barn “Charlie Loves Snuff,” this was written by my father when we built the barn when I was about 16 years of age back in 1980. Of course, “Charlie” being me. I never developed this type of HATE for something that I loved so much.  It did not take long to develop the HATE shortly after I joined KTC on Discord. For several weeks during the beginning of my quit, my body did not know how to handle the absence of smokeless tobacco.  Honestly the first few weeks of quitting cold turkey were hard, but I gritted my teeth and made it through the hard times because I took my quit one day at a time, sometimes one minute at a time and finally realized the KTC ways work.

I found the tools to start the Big D from Smokeless Tobacco on the KTC Discord app.  Let me tell you, there are so many tools on the KTC app, not just from the group that you are teamed up with (Go “Mayors of Quit City – 2024”) but also from all the veteran quitters.  There is so much knowledge and guidance on the KTC app, no where will you ever find or receive 24-hour 7-day, year-round care for any addiction at a hospital, doctors office, or therapists’ office like you have on the KTC Discord App.  And hell, the KTC app is all free.  There is nowhere else where you will get so much support for beating a Smokeless Tobacco addiction and I mean nowhere.  The times I was struggling with my quit I would just type a couple words in my group chat about my struggles and in no time fellow quitters would come out of the wood work to give me advise and support.  Just doing the simple daily task of waking up, pissing, and posting a promise (WUPP) that you will not use Tobacco for the next 24 hours is another thing that I needed to beat my addiction.  When I make that daily promise, I always tell myself that it is a promise to my group and I am a man of my word, but most importantly I am making a promise to myself to be clean from any form of tobacco for the next 24 hours. Where I come from if a man or woman cannot keep a promise to himself/herself or others, something is wrong with them and they should not be trusted.  When I make that promise to my group and myself, I know I must be accountable for the daily promise I made.  Without making that daily promise I am sure I would not be here writing that I am 100 days free of beating my addiction.  No form of tobacco will ever have control of me ever again and the papers have been served, we are officially DIVORCED for LIFE!!

The following is small list of what I received in the Divorce Agreement:

  • Clean Appearance: No more snuff grains stuck in my teeth and no more brown finger tips
  • Smiling in Photographs: Goes back to the nasty brown grains that are no longer stuck in my teeth, plus not having that round tin circle showing in my pant pockets
  • Clean Smelling Breath: No more of the nasty tobacco smell coming from my mouth and body
  • Healthier Body: Blood Pressure returned to normal, not running out of breath doing simple tasks, heart burn left, more energy and blood circulation feels better in my body
  • Healthy Gums: No more painful irritation with my gums and reducing the chances of getting gum disease
  • Positive Dentist Appointments – Not having to get the speech every 6 months about how horrible tobacco is, turns out that dentist knew what he was talking about
  • Chance to Live a Long Healthy Life: Getting the tobacco out of my life lessens my chances of an early death because of cancer or heart disease, look at some of those mouth cancer photos if you do not believe me.
  • Clothes: No more tobacco spit staining my clothing
  • Delicious Food: After all these years, food is now tasting the way it should
  • Clean Truck – No more snuff grains scattered throughout the truck, nasty smelling spit bottles laying around and dried up spit stains down the side of my white truck
  • Clean House – No more tobacco grains on the furniture or in the carpet and no spit cans laying around, along with empty snuff cans
  • Control: My life is no longer revolving around when or where I am putting that next chew of tobacco in my mouth.
  • Time: Getting back all the time I wasted going to the store for those runs at all times of the day/night to just to get another roll of snuff or just sitting around spitting for no good reason
  • Saving Money – Not having to buy 2 cans of snuff a day with each can costing $6.09 per can, add that up if you are good at math, it ends up being a lot of money per year. And yes, you can save hundreds of dollars on your life insurance policy by checking that box that you are tobacco free
  • Confidence – Not having to worry when I am in public where I can put a chew in, where I can spit or worrying about offending some stranger because of all the spitting going on
  • Honesty: Not having to hide a nasty habit from family, friends, and strangers
  • Respect: Not being a slave to the tobacco weed, Family being proud of my Divorce for kicking my addiction to the curb

I am 100% done with my addiction to smokeless tobacco, no more controlling me.  Now go rot in hell, the Divorce is signed, sealed, and delivered! Tobacco is DEAD in my Life!  When the Nic Bitch comes whispering in my ear that she still loves me I will beat her away with the tools that I will continue to use on the KTC Discord App.

  • Opps, forgot one more thing: New Friendships:  Nineteen members of the “Mayors of Quit City – 2024 and all the other members on the KTC Discord App.  Thank you to the nineteen members of “Mayors of Quit City – 2024” and other members of KTC for helping me through my hard times during my divorce.  I will need you all in the future when I have those hard times that just pop up in life.  Special thank you to the ones that made the KTC Discord app exciting every day, you all know who you are.  I could not have gone through this Divorce without you all, who also had very similar divorces as I did.  I am proud of each one of you!  Keg Party later in @Harry and @MattB home state

P.S. It is never too late or early to take control of your life by making the best decision of your life to divorce the one that is destroying your life, kick the tobacco to the curb, run like hell and do not look back.

Chuck1387 (May24)

NOTE: This piece written by Kill The Can community member Chuck1387

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