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Unwavering Commitment To Quit

Unwavering Commitment

Not sure if you’re aware but in addition to our quit forums and our social channels there’s a slew of quit talk that goes on every single day in the comments section of our site. I ran across this comment recently and I simply had to share. Tom shows a commitment to his quit that I’m not sure everyone could.

“Back in April i broke my back in 2 places. While in the hospital they also discovered i have kidney disease and my kidneys are failing thats why my bp is so high. I cannot even find a nephrologist who will see me. Besides other symptoms(not going to get into all of them) but my bp has been getting worse. It was 195/114 tonight. I have a feeling i don’t have much longer to go? The funny thing is if i really am dying using nicotine again is not an option or even a temptation. These last 4 years(will be 4 years oct 15) i am so grateful for. I hadn’t felt that good physically and mentally since i was a kid. I had forgotten what it was like to live without nicotine and i wouldn’t give that up for anything even now. Best of luck to all of You. Day 1379”

Thanks for showing us the way brother. Prayers to you for a speedy and full recovery.

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