2020 HOF Speeches

My Final Quit. Every Damn Day.


Well, today marks 100 days quit. You want to know how I got here? Then let’s take it back before I decided to quit. There I was, 18 years old thinking I owned the world smoking after high school with some buddies. I thought I was the coolest because I could buy me and my friends cigs now. One day my buddy had a can of grizzly wintergreen pouches and urged me to try one. That moment changed my life forever. I got addicted right there and then to that “rush” or “high” as we all know. For the next 8 years, I would struggle to quit and find a good enough reason to want to quit.

Dipping in the military is easily the most accepted thing I’ve experienced. Nicotine, energy drinks, and the Army go hand-in-hand. During the 7 years I’ve stuck the cancer dick in my mouth, I’ve been married for 6 of them. I have 3 beautiful children and I remember telling my wife after each kid, “I’ll quit once they are born” and again and again. That was the biggest lie I’ll ever tell. What made me finally decide to quit you ask? My wife. She said one magical sentence to me, that it finally just clicked in my mind as to what the hell I’m doing dipping, possibly taking years away from my kids by shortening my life. She told me, “If your jaw falls off because you can’t stop dipping, I’m not staying.” Now, don’t be confused, we can still get cancer even after quitting, but it’s MUCH less of a chance. Those words just sparked inside my mind the flame that ignited my quit and my resolute self.

Today marks the 100th day. I have had a lot of ups and downs during this journey, probably more so than the next person. I’ve experienced a death in the family, I’ve experienced EXTREME sickness, and also a very near-death experience. The one thing that stays constant through all of this, is I’M STILL QUIT! No matter what happened, I reached out to my quit brothers/sisters and asked for help, asked for a distraction, but most of all, I asked them to keep me quit. This web of accountability and brotherhood that KTC offers, it works. It’s worked for so many others before me, and it’s going to continue to work for those after me. If you’re reading this Hall of Fame Speech of mine, I challenge you to get in here, put your name on roll, and WUPP EDD. We quit for today, we post our promise to stay nic free, and we go to sleep and do it all over again.

The first person I want to give a shout-out to is @Athan. Athan, you were the first “vet” that had their digits in my inbox and was messaging me. You kept up with me these last 100 days making sure I was helped if I needed it. You even called me on my first day back to work within my first week quit. That was a huge milestone, working in the military without dipping, it made me realize, you guys are truly here to help. Thank you for looking out for someone like me for these last 100 days, and more moving forward.

The next person I want to shoutout is @Bug Guy. Steve, I feel like I owe you a lot brother. You’ve been there for me on so many occasions, whether through texting or calling. You’ve answered my phone calls when I just felt foggy and needed a friend to talk to. The wife thinks you’re hilarious and awesome, which is something I don’t hear about for many of my friends. Thank you so much for being in my circle, especially when I needed you the most.

The last shoutout I want to give is @Skolvikings. You were also one of the first “vets” to reach out to me as well when I first joined. You took a foggy headed, stubborn asshole like me under your wing and helped guide me. You’ve answered some calls I needed, you’ve answered my KTC questions and inquiries, and anything else I’ve thought of. But the best thing you did for me, was you honored me and made me tear up when I received your HoF coin. That coin had traveled 719 days with you, and now it’s going to go 719+ days with me during this journey. I’m proud to be a quit brother with you, and this coin will stay with me forever.

@ThtPanda25, last but not least, I can’t forget about you. You’re the most special shoutout for me. You’re not just someone I’ve met on this site, you’re my literal best friend. You were there for me during my times in Germany working those terrible shifts we worked. When I mentioned that I was starting this quit journey, you mentioned you didn’t want to follow and support if you weren’t quitting as well. I’m beyond proud to be going through this journey with you brother, here’s to 100 days, and a lifetime of friendship and quitting nicotine together.

I have a lot of honorable mentions to people who have impacted me, texted me daily, or helped me a lot, but please don’t be discouraged if I didn’t tag you, it’s not personal. Some mentions are: @chris2alaska
THE FREAKING COBRA KAI. Without my April quit group, I would never have made it this far. You guys give me such inspiration in my quit, I’m more afraid of letting you guys down than I am of caving, which helps keep me quit. I thank you all guys. Here’s to 100 days down, and a lifetime of quit to go.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member A-Aron

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