2008 HOF Speeches

My HOF Speech – Twenty Years of Cash and Cancer Scares

Change Ahead KTCI’ll spare you my story because it’s been written by dozens of you already. Sneaking dips, swearing to quit on this date, then when my kid is born, etc. Just want to spend a few moments saying thanks.

Almost twenty years of cash and cancer scare in the form of Copenhagen and it takes a friggin website to help me quit. This place gave me somewhere to go and be held accountable by people who know what it’s like to quit. This site is remarkable and I hope everyone stays on here and keeps it up. Remember that scene in Dodgeball where Vince Vaughn quits and ends up in the airport bar and Lance Armstrong shows up and gives him the “reason to quit” speech? Well, looking at ODTs pics is like that for me. How can I look at those pics and come up with some lameass excuse for caving? How can I read Jenny Kern’s letter and convince myself that it would be okay to take another dip?

So, thanks to ODT for putting his pics up for all to see where we could all be. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and it made a huge impact on me. Thanks to Jenny Kern for her letter so we can see that we are not just hurting ourselves. Thanks to all the jackasses who email when you miss a day, it really does make a difference. And thanks to the folks who keep this place up and running. You’ve helped countless numbers of people and I am truly grateful for what you’ve inspired me to do. Be proud of what all of you who post on here are doing for others.

And thanks for whoever sent my coin to me over here in Iraq. It never leaves my pocket. I also got a crapload of whodey candy bars which really made my day. It was very thoughtful and I appreciated it. If I hadn’t thrown away the customs form by mistake I would have written you a letter thanking you.

Oh well, I thought this would be short, but I thought it was more important to let you all know that you are making a difference and your work is appreciated.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member steelcities

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