2016 HOF Speeches

My HOF Speech

KillTheCan LogoIf you would have told me the middle of this year that I would quit dipping, I would have laughed at you. I been dipping for 17 years. Started out trying it when I was playing baseball. Then I stopped for awhile then picked it back up again. I even had a job that told me they have a no tobacco policy. I hid it for a little while then I actually stopped dipping. Before I knew it I got hired for another job and go figure they didn’t have a no tobacco policy and it was deer season here in TX. And the next thing I know I am sitting in a deer blind with a can of snuff in my hand and putting a dip back in my mouth. My girlfriend at the time, now my wife tried to get me to stop for awhile. think she gave up after while, then before I know it she would buy me cans of snuff whenever she was out at the store . This went on for sometime. I even tried to quit the day my son was born, went a whole 24 hours without a dip. But go figure I couldn’t totally quit. When my son started getting older he kept telling me that I need to quit that yucky stuff and he even got to the point that he would tell me to spit it out when he say me put some in my mouth. Fast forward a few years. My son was still telling me to spit that stuff out. And I thought one day my wife was going to divorce me and kill me all within the same day, as we were driving down the road and she started to take a drink out of my spit cup. Needless to say that didn’t go well for me that day. I tired multiple times to quit always kept telling myself I will quit after this can is gone, well that never happened. Even tried the non nicotine snuff, that didn’t help. Even went on a cruise and made sure I had extra cans with me, even when we went to shore I looked for stores that sold snuff, some places had a can, but most places didn’t. Not to long after me and my family got back for our cruise, I was really thinking about quitting and what I could do to quit once and for all. Searched around on the internet for ways to quit. Then it must have been a sign I was directed to KTC website. I looked around on the sight to see what it was all about. I decided to give it quitting a July. I was at my son baseball game and my mind was telling me that I need to quit, so I spit the snuff out of my mouth and threw the rest of my can away. At the time I didn’t tell my wife or son anything due to I didn’t want to let them down if I failed to quit. When I got home from my son baseball I found KTC website again and decided this was it. It took me some time to figure on here. I really didn’t see the point of posting roll everyday, or even giving people my phone numbers. But ended up giving my phone number to Edward, and what a difference it has made that I gave him my number. Edward has been there pushing me along. He has been there when I have hit little milestones, and even been there to make sure that I post roll, and there has been times when I was not able to post roll and Edward would post for me that day as long as I made my promise that day to stay away from tobacco. There was even a time when I was really busy at work and my phone totally died, I forgot to post roll and he tried to text me to find out if I was still good. He even made me post about when I had good story to share with the rest of dumpster fire group.. I now make sure that I post roll every day, I feel like I am forgetting something if I don’t post roll. I am now at day 107 without nicotine and I feel that joining this group and quit dipping was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. My family is so proud of me for quitting, and I am proud of myself, the support system in our group is great. I know that I don’t post a lot but I do read a lot of messages that are posted. As for cravings, I still get them, but I just tell myself that I can beat this, and I don’t need that crap anymore, that and I know if they get that bad I can talk to Edward and he will help me through it. That and I don’t want the ridicule that I would get from the rest of the group if I told them I caved. I cant thank Edward and our group of dumpster fire guys and gals that help me get through this enough, everyone is great. You are all in my book my brothers and sisters. I now look forward to not having that crap in my mouth and making my next goal of 200 days and so on.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member EricC73

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